WSJ Very Upset Outlet calls Harlan Crow’s fancy superyacht a superyacht

WSJ Very Upset Outlet calls Harlan Crow’s fancy superyacht a superyacht

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Conservative output The Wall Street Journal called exposing Clarence Thomas’ unethical behavior an “assault on the Supreme Court.” I’ve heard people try to explain it like this: imagine if a publication revealed that Judge Sotomayor was gifted with a vacation in George Soros’ fancy pants. The Conservatives would lose their shit, and they would be right.

Clarence and Ginni Thomas enjoy an extravagant vacation paid for by billionaire Harlan Crow, who also happens to be a Hitler fanboy. It’s been going on for 25 years. We’re talking trips to Bohemian Grove, California’s all-male retreat, and superyacht trips.

Judge Thomas broke the law, but according to the WSJ, the left has launched a smear campaign against Thomas. And the editorial board is upset that ProPublica, which published the story, used words like “luxury travel,” but a $500,000 Indonesia yacht vacation is luxury travel.

Via WSJ:

ProPublica, a left-leaning website, kicked off Thursday with a report that Judge Thomas has a longtime friendship with Harlan Crow, a wealthy Texas real estate developer. Intrepid reporters have traveled the world to find that Judge sometimes traveled aboard Mr. Crow’s “Bombardier Global 5000 jet” and that every summer Judge and his wife spend a week’s vacation at Mr. Crow’s house in the Adirondacks.

The play is laden with words and phrases intended to make it clear that all of this is somehow unsavory: “superyacht”; “luxury travel”; “all-male California retreat”; “sprawling ranch”; “private cooks”; “stylish accommodation”; “opulent lodge”; “provides justice with gifts”. And more.

In 2014, Crow bought a home in Dallas for $55 million and remodeled it with a 77-car underground garage, according to Business Intern. Or, as the Journal would say, a single-family home with a garage.

He also spent $25 million to build the world’s largest private bell tower, 288 feet tall, right outside his office in Dallas. We should probably refer to this as a nice view so as not to hurt the feelings of the Journal.

Crow funded $500,000 for Ginni Thomas’ Tea Party-linked group and funded a library project dedicated to Thomas. The WSJ likely thinks the Supreme Court justice’s insurgent wife and wealthy GOP donor were buddies when he threw half a million dollars at her group.

This billionaire is throwing money at the Thomases, and the Wall Street Journal doesn’t want you to call a billionaire a billionaire. His sailboat East a super yacht. It’s like that. The Journal would probably prefer it to be called a big canoe with a motor.

The Bohemian Grove is an “all-male California retreat,” but the Journal would probably prefer we call it a camping trip. And how dare they call a private chef a private chef. ProPublica should have said “a cook.”

Update: Nothing says bondage like wearing your master’s shirt.

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