William Tongi (American Idol) Bio, Age, Dad, Audition, Instagram

William Tongi (American Idol) Bio, Age, Dad, Audition, Instagram

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William Tongi Biography

William Tongi is a singer, songwriter and performer from Kahuku, Hawaii who rose to prominence after auditioning for Season 21 of American Idol.

Tongi started playing music at a young age. He learned to play the ukulele from an instructor in fifth grade. Later he started playing the guitar.

Tongi describes his music as a mix of country and alternative, but some listeners compare it to an island sound. He released a single titled Dreams in 2020, which he wrote for his sister’s wedding.

William Tongi Ethnicity

Tongi is of Tongan/Samoan/Irish descent. He currently lives in Seattle, Washington.

Age William Tongi

Tongi turns 18 in 2023.

William Tongi Papa

Tongi’s father was called Rodney Guy Tongi. He passed away just months before Tongi tried out for American Idol. Rodney was a musician himself and taught his son everything he knew about music. According to Tongi, his father always encouraged him to pursue his passion.

William Tongi American Idol Audition

While auditioning for American Idol, Tongi sang James Blunt’s Monster; a song Blunt wrote for his own father who was dying of kidney failure. Therefore, William dedicated the song to his late father.

Before starting to sing, William burst into tears. He said he could still hear his dad harmonizing with him on every song he sings. The judges comforted him and encouraged him to continue. They were impressed with his voice and they all voted yes to send him to Hollywood Week.

Tongi’s audition video has gone viral on YouTube, with over 9 million views at the time of writing. He won many hearts with his sincerity and soul.

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