Why Do Elephants Destroy Trees? Explanations

Why Do Elephants Destroy Trees? when i was gathering information for
this video i stumbled across a video
with drunk animals don’t get me wrong
humans have nothing to do with it the
animals just ate the fermented marula
fruits but i don’t really care about
alcohol issues in the wild i’m
interested in this particular elephant
this particular tree and these
particular monkeys yes it is what you
think it is the elephant is trying to
shake the monkeys off the tree and he’s
putting a lot of effort into this as if
this task is part of his daily routine
stomping on the spot douse oneself with
water shake off a couple of monkeys eat
corn crops though it could be just a
coincidence right animals do thousands
of strange actions some seem meaningful
although there is actually no rationale
behind them maybe the elephant decided
to shake the tree just because he felt
like it or to shake down not fully ripe
fruits you never know and the monkeys
were unfortunate to be in the wrong
place at the wrong time not a bad theory
but the problem is that elephants do
this all the time here for example we
can see the same thing happening to the
poor leopard moreover it was already
dark elephants are actually diurnal
animals and this one’s been shaking the
tree at night for several hours seems
like he remembered the leopard and is
now taking revenge for something aha
lion i recognized you now you are alone
without your pride get off
but i am not a lion seems like no one
can get a break when elephants are
around not a single living creature is
left out even the smallest creatures
which should probably not be of interest
to elephants but birds wandering and
flying around here get out of here shoot
turtles no turtles in my territory to be
honest at first i thought the elephant
would at least not care about these
animals after all it’s just a slow stone
with legs but no good thing that turtle
turned out to be just a robot put there
by scientists imagine if the elephants
stumbled across a real one but there
must be a reason behind this behavior
you can’t just bother all the animals
that come across your way without any
reason and the researchers managed to
find it or rather they found several
reasons at once first of all elephants
are very territorial animals strictly
speaking they do not guard their
territory the way many other animals
like primates bears or even domestic
cats do some scientists even believe
elephants cannot be called territorial
and yet these animals prefer to stick to
their feeding areas and are not always
happy to see strangers on them
especially when it comes to an area with
a water source a herd of elephants will
easily chase away hippos which could
just happen to be near their watering
place are hippos getting in the way
barely they’re just annoying do you know
that feeling when a person next to you
pisses you off for no particular reason
imagine they also try to eat your lunch
joey doesn’t share food
what do you think chasing someone away
from water and even more so attacking
them is terribly rude animals don’t do
that at all after all at the watering
place all the animals uphold an unspoken
truth which cannot be violated or you
could i don’t know become a villain in
the new disney movie if you also have
this vague feeling then you must have
read the jungle book by rudyard kipling
thanks to this writer people think that
animals have some kind of code of honor
although any predator will gladly grab a
bite without leaving the watering place
what it’s convenient you can have a
drink and a snack at the same place but
back to the elephants another reason
they can attack random animals is called
must this is a natural state that male
elephants periodically go into when
their testosterone levels rise 60 times
such hormonal searches affect behavior
and the elephant becomes as aggressive
as he can get also he grows
oversensitive to sounds and movements
his anxiety and the amount of energy
increase can you imagine this
combination in a huge adult elephant
elephant smash
of course in a must state an elephant
attacks anyone who seems annoying enough
to him a human an animal even another
elephant still aggression is not always
the reason why elephants love bothering
other animals so much sometimes the
elephant just wants to play come on
everyone has a playful mood so why
should elephants be any different they
have a sufficiently advanced intellect
to enjoy this african elephants assume
over 200 different poses conveying a
variety of emotions and desires through
posing they also show an invitation to
play it’s just that not all animals can
recognize it well even humans do not
always understand what exactly elephants
are trying to express so what can i say
about rhinos these guys do not have
enough intellect to distinguish between
all sorts of subtleties eat make sure
they’re not eaten procreate they love
simple things so when the elephant wants
to play he receives aggression in
response and then fights back listen
this is probably very sad to have really
cool cognitive abilities and live in a
world where few creatures can understand
you turns out elephants suffer from
their intelligence and it’s not only
about difficulty finding playmates
constant communication and some kind of
activity are a necessity for elephants
otherwise they’ll start to get bored
boredom soon leads to social stress
aggression and abnormal behavior to
prevent this from happening in zoos
employees come up with various
activities for the animals in the wild
looking for food is usually enough but
what if that isn’t or what if the
elephant i don’t know gets sad it’s
unlikely that praying mantises or
goldfish have these kind of issues but
elephants can easily get upset due to
some external factors even accidentally
seeing a snake is enough to get the
animal upset in response to a stressful
event elephants usually raise their ears
and tails and then make a low rumble to
ask for consolation and it works other
elephants immediately rush to the poor
fellow touch him with their trunks and
make chirping sounds i’m not sure if
they really understand how comforting is
supposed to work well you know when one
elephant puts his trunk in another
elephant’s mouth it somehow doesn’t
really comfort you well as if people are
any better they’re there
advanced intelligence is generally not a
problem only elephants have many highly
developed animals need something to
constantly occupy their brains have fun
set goals experience emotions engage in
physical activity in the belgian zoo the
habitats of otters and orangutans
intersect so that the animals could play
with each other turned out these species
get along great but if it were not for
constant contact with otters orangutans
could well even get sick from loneliness
and boredom turns out it’s simply not
practical for animals to experience
emotions see for yourself not all people
have learned to cope with them but what
if you are for example a panda a raccoon
or an elephant after all a wild animal
will not be able to get psychological
therapy to sort out its feelings though
they sometimes can put their lives at
risk for example when mourning their
loss animals behave totally unreasonably
in terms of survival just think about it
the desire for solitude lack of
communication sleep food and i don’t
even mention procreation and if an
elephant spends time attending to a
corpse it’s exposed to pathogens and
makes himself vulnerable to predators
you have to admit in a situation like
this it’d be much easier to live without
emotions many animals do not worry at
all even if their close relative dies
and they feel great because sadness can
end badly an animal too lost in its
grief not simply eats less it stops
eating altogether lack of food and
social interaction gradually wears out
even the toughest body and in such
conditions it’s impossible to survive in
the wild can we say this is death caused
by grief perhaps well enough about the
sad stuff moreover this is not the only
problem caused by the high intelligence
of elephants being so smart these
animals have become the nastiest pests
ever in every sense of the word when
some wild animals prefer not to get
involved with people unless absolutely
necessary the elephants think
differently why waste time looking for
food when there’s a whole buffet in the
fields easy and fast to get and also
nutritious as for the people who don’t
seem to be happy about it who even cares
about them moreover most of the tricks
that help scare away other wild animals
do not work on elephants traditionally
farmers have used loud noises such as
drums shooting in the air or exploding
firecrackers but elephants are smart and
persistent they understand all this
rumbling will not harm them so why stop
what’s more according to national
geographic elephants have even learned
to pull tranquilizer darts from each
other’s sides no really anyone still
hope the drums would work on these guys
i hate this job
looks like you have a problem with
elephants it seems so weird it almost
sounds insane but bees really help
people fight these huge mammals african
elephants are afraid of their bites
because insects especially african
honeybees can sting the eye or inside
the trunk the best way to avoid pain is
stay away from the hives or even run
away when you hear the familiar buzzing
sound so for now the only fail-proof and
effective way to deal with elephants is
to install a fence made of beehives
though let’s wait a little perhaps the
elephants will soon come up with
protective suits see you later

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