Who is Serkan Gündüz THY?  Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Incident Details

Who is Serkan Gündüz THY? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Incident Details

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Serkan Gündüz THY Wiki – Serkan Gündüz THY Biography

According to Turkish news agencies, Omer Koray Ozbay, who committed suicide, posted a video and wrote a letter before committing suicide. In the video, Omer said, “Serkan Gündüz THY is guilty of my death.” Ever since Omer’s video surfaced on the internet, it has gone viral and is making waves there. A stir has already been created. People have cast their eyes on this incident, they want to know all the updates on this case.

Serkan Gündüz THY Age

Serkan Gündüz THY is 33 years old.

serkan - gündüz - ta
Serkan Gündüz THY

Incident details

Omer Koray Ozbay reportedly worked at Turkish Ground Services, owned by THY. THY’s ground handling company is accused of pressuring and humiliating its employee. In the suicide video and letter, Omer said he couldn’t bear the pressure, merit and humiliation. Furthermore, he claimed to have committed suicide as a result of the injustices he suffered there. “Serkan Gündüz THY is responsible for my death.” Now people are eager to know who he is and what his net worth is. Please scroll down and read more about him. Serkan Gündüz THY is said to be the owner of the company where Omer worked. Talking about his wealth or net worth, he has yet to reveal this information. In the suicide note, Omer Koray claimed a few other names to blame for his death. He said that Serkan Gündüz THY, Burhan Bayhan and Alican Gundiz are responsible for his death. Internet users on social networks have spread the video on all platforms. The video can also be easily found on Youtube. No updates on the police investigation have surfaced. Stay tuned to this website for more details.

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