Who is NASA Flight Controller Luke Mays?  family, education, nationality

Who is NASA Flight Controller Luke Mays? family, education, nationality

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Former NASA astronaut trainer Luke Mays joined Virgin Galactic this year. Mays has 25 years of aerospace experience, including developing scalable training programs at NASA. He has trained astronauts and flight controllers and worked with international candidates. Scroll down to learn more about the family, education, background and nationality of former NASA astronaut trainer Luke Mays.

What is Luke Mays’ experience in his position?

Luke Mays became our new Astronaut Instructor when he joined Virgin Galactic in March of this year. Luke Mays joins Galactic from NASA, where he worked for several years developing reproducible and scalable training methods for astronauts. Mays is also adept at working with multicultural and international astronaut candidates, making her a good fit for Galactic’s global clientele. Mays has perfected a training methodology that emphasizes personal and professional growth during his 25 years in the aerospace industry.

High performing and committed Spaceflight Operations Engineer with considerable expertise in managing real-time operations and in-flight training for crew and flight controllers for NASA, Military, ESA, JAXA and NASA. Expertise in managing multidisciplinary, international and multicultural organizations, integrating operations, assessing people, supporting professional growth and building strong industry partnerships. Innovative leader with over 20 years of industry experience working in a variety of high-stress environments, including crewed spacecraft, multi-satellite constellations, and military and civilian initiatives.

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How many times has Luke Mays visited space?

Despite all his expertise in preparing aspiring astronauts for space missions, Luke’s trip to space will be his first, adding to his preparation as our newest instructor. In 2023, on May 25, Luke Mays will make his first and last flight. All Virgin Galactic Instructor Astronauts will have traveled to space after this trip, providing the entire crew with the invaluable experience needed to train our future astronauts and researchers.

Family of Luke Mays: age, parents, siblings, education and nationality

Luke Mays Family: Former NASA astronaut trainer Luke Mays joined Virgin Galactic this year. He kept his personal life secret. He did not reveal anything about his private life in broad daylight. Luke avoids using social media. Even he hid his Instagram profile. As a result, I am unable to know his age, the names of his parents, or the names of his siblings. As we can see, he seems to be married. But he kept his marriage a secret.

A former NASA astronaut trainer, Mays holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Texas and a master’s degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Colorado. He holds American citizenship.