Who Is Christopher J. Hope? Lil Tay’s Father

Who Is Christopher J. Hope? Lil Tay’s Father

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Christopher J. Hope is the father of late Instagram star Lil Tay, whose real name was Claire Hope.

Lil was remembered for her Viral reels, where she became the richest kid and bought expensive cars. Lil Tay’s father’s name is Christopher J. Hope and her mother’s name is Angela.

Jason Titan, brother of Lil Tay revealed that Lil Tay’s father used her money to live his luxurious lifestyle.

As per the Information, Christopher J. Hope is an attorney, pilot, and author.

In this blog, we read all the details of Li l Tay’s Father Christopher J. Hope, Age, Wikipedia, Wife, Net Worth, and more.

Who is Christopher J. Hope? Father of Lil Tay

Christopher J. Hope is an author, pilot, and attorney who works at the Vancouver-based law firm.

He was married to Angela. The couple gave her first childbirth in 2001, named Lil Tay in Vancouver.

When Lil was nine years old, she moved to Los Angeles with her mom.

Lil Tay’s Mom, Angela was a real state agent. After some time after her birth, her parents got separated.

After being separated, her father got married to Richanee Alcover aka Hanee Hope. Her father has a son from Hanee named Brox Hope.

Lil Tay belonged to mixed ethnic background. She was of Asian descent. Her father is a Canadian whereas her mother is Chinese. She holds Canadian-American nationality.

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