Where is Holly Boisvert now? She murdered her “best friend” Stacy DeGrandchamp in 2002

Another day, another convicted felon makes the headlines.

It’s no secret that the arena of true crime has expanded over time. Over the past few years, docuseries, podcasts and movies of the genre have continued to spark conversations on social media and serve as inspiration for popular opinion pieces.

Recently, the Investigation Discovery series Wicked Girl Murders is the talk of true crime buffs thanks to its recent debut episode, titled “Battle of the Besties,” which examines the brutal 2002 murder of 17-year-old Stacy DeGrandchamp.

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Eventually, investigators were able to put Stacy’s killer, Holly Boisvert, behind bars. But social media users are wondering where the convicted murderer is now.

Here is the truth.

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Where is Holly Boisvert now? She is currently serving a 20-year sentence in Indiana Women’s Prison for the murder of Stacy DeGrandchamp.

Justice has been served. According to WANE, Boisvert pleaded guilty to intentional homicide in December 2021 for the August 2002 stabbing death of Stacy DeGrandchamp. Boisvert was 17 when she committed the murder.

Boisvert was initially charged with murder, but entered into a plea deal that included a 25-year prison sentence, “with five years suspended and three years of adult probation,” the outlet reported. On January 14, 2022, a judge handed down a 20-year sentence.

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Source: WANE News 15

According to the Indiana Department of Corrections, Boisvert’s earliest release date is May 25, 2030, which we can assume is due to parole and good behavior.

The murder had been considered a cold case until Fort Wayne homicide detective Brian Martin reopened it in 2019 after the family revealed new evidence.

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Initially, court documents obtained by the outlet revealed Boisvert told police she was not the attacker and was sitting on a porch when Stacy arrived at a party. Per Boisvert, Stacy yelled “what is she doing here?” as Boisvert began to exit through the back door.

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She went on to say that she overheard Stacy talking about a friend of hers and that’s what triggered her.

The ladies then exchanged words with each other, Stacy allegedly pushing her into recycling bins, according to Boisvert. That’s when things went away and they started fighting.

Boisvert told detectives she did not have a knife, although Stacy had stab wounds to her body. She told authorities that Stacy “probably landed on something when she was thrown in a recycling bin” when talking about the stab wounds.

Over the years, witnesses have come forward to share tidbits of the incident, pointing out that Boisvert may have been planning his attack on Stacy. However, the police did not have enough evidence at the time to charge Boisvert.

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In 2019, during a visit to Boisvert by a detective, she reportedly seemed distressed and said, “I think I killed my best friend and that’s why you’re here. If I had just walked away and not turned around to fight, Stacy DeGrandchamp would still be alive. She had also previously turned over a knife to the police, who matched it to the one used to murder Stacy.

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In Investigation Discovery’s “Mean Girl Murders: Battle of the Besties,” viewers learn that Stacy DeGrandchamp and Holly Boisvert had a friction over a boy.

It is disturbing to learn that Stacy and Boisvert’s problems were linked to the boys’ problems. In the episode, it was said that Stacy started dating an older person named Brandon Muff.

Interestingly, Brandon and Boisvert dated before he and Stacy became a thing. And just as Boisvert thought they were going to reconcile, Brandon started a new relationship with Stacy, who rubbed it the wrong way.

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Keep in mind that friends from both parties have revealed that the two ladies had friction in college. However, they apparently decided to work through their issues and just stay cordial with each other since they shared mutual friends.

Unfortunately, Brandon would have become the catalyst for their beef overhaul.

We would like to offer our deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of Stacy DeGrandchamp.

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