What Happens If You Feed a Camel With a Venomous Snake

What Happens If You Feed a Camel With a Venomous Snake | venomous snakes make their prey suffer
in two ways toxins may target the blood
or the nervous system they form clots
thin the blood destroy muscles and
gradually paralyze the body from top to
bottom some toxins can kill an elephant
in a matter of hours so why do people
knowing all this feed live snakes to
their camels. I’m not kidding about the habit of feeding
live snakes to camels do exist in some
Arab countries it’s not exactly a common
practice so there’s very little
information about it seems like snakes
are necessary to treat hemorrhagic
disease in camels but what is this
disease how effective is this treatment
in general to get to the bottom of
things we need to look for the answer in
the 7th century a.d thankfully we don’t
need a time machine Isidore of Seville
known as the clerical encyclopedias were
a very prolific author his key work the
entomologise features 20 books in which
Isidore tried to describe all things and
phenomena that exist in the world of
course a lot of what’s mentioned in the
etymologies is slightly outdated after
the 7th century a.d but i found one
interesting fact isidore wrote when deer
are ill or weak they draw snakes out of
their holes with the breath of their
nostrils and eat them what for this is
their way to get healthy it may sound
almost absurd it’s quite hard to imagine
a deer that can um blow a snake out of
the ground or on the contrary suck it in
like spaghetti but the very fact of
using snake venom for treatment is much
stranger it usually serves opposite
purposes yes folk medicine often uses
very unlikely methods but snake venom
works i’ll make it clear right away to
achieve a desired effect you need to be
a professional a scientist or a deer so
you shouldn’t grab a snake from under
the nearest stone to relieve a runny
nose it is known that snake venom
contains more than 20 different
compounds most of which are
protein-based recent research suggests
that snake venom can be used to fight
adversary organisms so far the
experiments have only been conducted in
a lab and as usual there’s not enough
information funding and stakeholders but
it looks like snake venom could become a
weapon against tropical pathogens like
bacteria parasites and viruses in theory
it could help treat tuberculosis malaria
leash maniasis and chagas disease you
just need to choose the right snake the
deer story doesn’t seem so incredible
anymore does it like other animals they
also suffer from parasites just like the
camels i mentioned in the beginning of
the video in 2020 a large-scale study
was carried out in algeria which found
that the infection rate of
gastrointestinal parasites in camels is
helmet infections that is parasitic
worms were recorded at 23 plus parasitic
protozoa in short this is a serious
issue for animal husbandry practice
which needs to be somehow resolved and
people often use improvised means
perhaps one day they stumbled across the
snake and in general all this sounds
pretty logical but it’s still better to
seek help from a vet seriously the
likelihood of an animal dying from a
snake it’s trying to eat may be even
higher than from some kind of condition
caused by a parasite however camels have
perfectly adapted to life in the
harshest conditions yes that includes
snakes too camels have thick lips and an
unusual mouth structure that allows them
to eat food that doesn’t exactly look
like food such as thorns in addition by
resisting venom camels have learned to
produce more powerful antibodies than
for example horses and sheep let alone
other animals they just had to upgrade
this skill to survive and they nailed it
no wonder people came up with the idea
to use this for their own purposes
antivenom is made by injecting small
amounts of a toxin into the animals and
then collecting antibodies it’s quite
simple but do we really have to use
camels to create a medicine i have
nothing against it but there were no
updates about these studies for quite
some time maybe scientists should have
focused on something simpler and more
familiar aren’t there any other ways
people can create antivenoms of course
there are and they’ve been used for
about 120 years if there were no cure
for venom there would be much less
people on earth even today venomous
snake bites are responsible for 138 000
deaths every year around the world plus
serious injuries that you have to live
with for the rest of your life imagine
if there was no anti-venom but the main
issue is a patchy access to it depending
on the snake bite it can take between 1
and 20 vials of antivenom and the cost
is sometimes way too high depending on
where you are in the world a single vial
can cost anything from 18 to 200 in
sub-saharan africa to 17 000 in the u.s
but even in regions where the price
seems reasonable for you it can be huge
for local residents imagine one dose of
antivenom will cost you your annual
wages and you might need five of those
many existing antivenoms need to be
stored in a frozen state sounds logical
quite but in some regions of africa the
electricity is too unstable which means
that the antidote can’t be stored
properly this contributes to its high
cost which is why in areas where they’re
most needed meds are over and above the
budget of doctors meanwhile the antidote
obtained with the help of camels can be
stored even at high temperatures camels
know how to endure heat for sure in
addition they’re so resistant to the
snake venom they can eat snakes even
without human help there’s ample
evidence that camels in india don’t mind
eating snakes when they have the chance
many ungulates such as cows behave in a
similar way deer do that too they’re
considered herbivores but that doesn’t
mean giving up on meat you came across
by chance snakes in particular are a
delicacy on their menu yes you heard
right cows do eat snakes i was also
surprised when i found out about this
but it turns out that cute cows do not
mind eating even a live snake apparently
this happens if the cow lacks some
substances like phosphorus that is for
them snakes are something like vitamins
for people so what animals create
medicines without our help it looks like
it moreover they learn to do it much
earlier than humans for example sick
chimpanzees ingest very bitter and
really toxic plants vernon and mgdolina
in the right dose enough to kill the
parasites but not hurt chimps themselves
unlike primates goats in west africa
have no idea how many plants they can
safely eat and die from their toxins of
course the intelligence of the animals
plays some role but you couldn’t just
guess the right dose there must have
been some experiments or something like
that wonder how many tests did the
chimps run to find the right formula
day 748 continuing to test the cure for
seems like adding cinnamon was a mistake
unlike animals humans cheated a little
no we’re also conducting research and
many scientists have experimented on
themselves in order to discover the cure
but some just knew where to look for
example a healer from one of the tongue
settlements once observed a sick
porcupine eating the roots of a
poisonous plant when the porcupine
recovered the healer began experimenting
with the root in small doses first on
himself then on his fellow villagers it
turned out to be an effective treatment
for dysentery to which the tongue people
still use up to this day over time
humanity has improved its skill of
creating meds learned to fight many
diseases removed parasites from
organisms and generally cleansed itself
turns out this is not that good our
victory is temporary medicine made our
bodies too clean which means that they
now can be susceptible to the diseases
kept away by useful symbiotic organisms
no venom not you the same thing could
happen to domesticated animals being
surrounded by human care they became
weaker than their wild can and that’s
not the only thing that happened because
of too comfortable life without
predators or the need to constantly
think about where to get food the brains
of domestic animals have greatly reduced
in size compared to the brains of their
wild ancestors and relatives one can say
they’ve become dumber and this is
happening much faster than you think
over just 200 years cows have lost about
25 percent of their brain size why would
they need to think when people take care
of everything hi steve listen can you
help me with my physics research
i am steve if i were a farmer i would be
wary and even upset what if some random
predator decides to attack your
livestock and none of the animals even
senses its approach after all it’s
impossible to protect them all 24 7 but
people would not be people if they had
not figured out how to get out of this
situation almost without paying a penny
they painted fake eyes on the cow’s rear
ends i’m not kidding lions love to sneak
up on their prey from behind which is
pretty smart this way they won’t get
noticed if the lion realizes it’s been
spotted it gives up and starts looking
for other prey meanwhile many creatures
on the planet use fake eyes to confuse
predators so usually it’s butterflies or
fish not cows who resort to such tricks
so people decided to help them and it
worked of the 683 cows with eyes painted
on them none were killed in the four
year period never expected this from the
eyes on the backside
we’ll come next time see you later

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