What happened to him?  How she died?  – Married biography

What happened to him? How she died? – Married biography

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Steve Wallis' wife, Jessica Audrey: What happened to her?  How she died?

Steve Wallis is a household name on YouTube. The Canadian has a website called Camping with Steve and 1.32 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Although flourishing in her career, her personal life suffered a setback last year.

Steve’s wife, Jessica Audrey died in August 2022. What happened to Steve Wallis’ wife? What caused his sudden and premature death? Was she sick? Was it an accident, suicide, murder or natural death?

Steve Wallis mourns the death of his wife, Jessica Audrey

Steve Wallis is a famous YouTuber from Canada. He is 41 years old and has gained over a million followers on his YouTube channel. He puts up videos on his campsite at different locations in Edson, Alberta, Canada. He has a thriving YouTube career.

But unfortunately, his personal life is in the doldrums. Last year, on August 25, 2022, Steve Wallis uploaded a video to talk about the sad passing of his wife, Jessica Audrey 5 days ago.

Steve Wallis
Steve Wallis with his late wife Jessica (Source: GH gossip)

He titled the post:

“Rest in peace my beautiful wife”

Recounting the death sequence, Steve first said that he and Jessica went to bed on Saturday night. But on Sunday morning, he alone woke up. His wife hasn’t gotten up since she died in her sleep. Steve did not mention the cause of this sudden death in the video. But he was completely shaken and had a shaky voice and teary eyes.

Steve had come home from camping and decided to stay with his wife for a week. But unfortunately! It couldn’t be because she died. Steve added that she was the light of his life. There was nothing in the world for him without her.

Steve asked his followers to make donations for his wife to nearby shelters or food banks.

Jessica’s appearance on her YouTube channel

Jessica has occasionally been seen on her husband’s YouTube channel. She had appeared with him on his channel to celebrate the time he garnered a million subscribers on his channel. But overall, he was a private person turning away from the camera. Jessica worked as a teacher at a local public school.

The couple married in 2017 and had celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary just before their death in 2022.

Steve Wallis
Steve and his wife Jessica (Source: Financial Updates)

Steve’s grieving followers expressed their grief in the comments section of his channel as well as on Twitter and Reddit. A Reddit user wrote:

I’ve been watching Steve’s videos for just over a year, and he’s hands down one of the most intriguing and heartfelt YouTubers of all time. So sorry for his loss,”

Another wrote:

“Steve’s videos have always been my favorites. He has such a refreshing, optimistic, direct and relaxed approach. Jess undoubtedly played a major role in this.

A third social media user hoped:

Looks like Jess passed away peacefully; I hope she didn’t endure any pain.

Another person tweeted:

“”#campingwithsteve Steve, I feel bad for you and your family. Stay put and come back when you’re ready. My friend, we adore you. “Steve Wallis and his beautiful wife”

There has been an outpouring of grief and condolences on social media for Steve. Words could not explain the grief of his supporters at the sad news.

Another person asked:

I just finished watching Steve Wallis’ YouTube video announcing the passing of his wife, Jess. Such a tragedy. His apparent love for her can be shown in his videos. Please consider making a donation in his honor to a nearby food bank or homeless shelter.

Steve Wallis and his career

Steve was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on September 10, 1981. He is a prominent YouTube creator and also owns a heating business. Steve has been active in this field since 2010. He resided in Edmonton before moving to Edson.

Steve Wallis
Steve Wallis and his wife Jessica (Source: Dotcom stories)

When he started the channel, he used to post joke videos. One day when he posted a video of himself in an area where the temperature was minus 32 degrees Celsius, this video received a lot of views and likes. Later, he decided to upload similar camping videos. All of his videos deal with non-traditional ways of camping.

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Steve warns a lot via his channel. His net worth in 2023 is estimated at $1.7 million.