What Crocodiles Do Before They Go Into the Water

What Crocodiles Do Before They Go Into the Water | this is the oldify gorge located in east
africa its soft sands aren’t supposed to
have any natural stones but they do.

scientists have found out that each stone had to be carried there by someone
the investigation continued until strange notches were discovered on the
surface of the stones and it turned out that the alligators swallowed these
stones in order to bring them to the gorge.

for a long time researchers assumed that
alligators who swallow stones just don’t
notice them nothing weird about it you
just make a wrong move and a pebble will
end up in your mouth along with a dinner
anything can happen though it wasn’t the
case here the second theory seemed more
credible alligators need stones for
better digestion just like birds this is
the most common theory which is hard to
debate because there are similar
examples in nature but the truth turned
out to be much more interesting
alligators need stones to protect
themselves from predators wait what this
strategy works especially well with
small animals which can become someone’s
lunch and no alligators do not spit
stones like bullets from a machine gun
they just get to the bottom if you’ve
tried diving in any reservoir or river
at least once you know the water will
push anyone back to the surface the more
air you inhale the more difficult it
becomes to dive alligators also have
this problem and keep in mind they feel
much safer submerged than on the surface
to spend as much time under water as
possible they need to inhale a lot of
oxygen but how can they do that and stay
submerged that’s right they swallow
stones just in case let me clarify this
method only works for crocodiles don’t
try to repeat it though the stones
really work on average they increase the
dive time by 88 depending on the mass of
stones and the alligator itself of
course scientists found it out through
experiments and were quite surprised but
they were even more surprised to learn
alligators swallow stones throughout
their entire lives this is not just a
smart way of self-defense for the
juvenile alligators even huge adult
individuals don’t mind eating a couple
of cobblestones that’s because it’s also
beneficial for them to stay submerged
for example it’s much easier to kill
their prey by dragging it deep under
water and holding it there for a long
time in addition a heavier body can help
the animal to maneuver better underwater
or stay in the stream while waiting for
food or just swim in short stones are
suitable for everything but stones can’t
stay in the stomach all the time right
that is food is constantly digested
there the animal moves life doesn’t
stand still and alligators understand
this very well so they get rid of stones
that grind against each other and become
lighter why carry 10 small stones with
you when you can swallow two large ones
how do they get rid of them well the
traditional way and then another theory
came to my mind what if the alligators
eat stones because they’re actually
petrified food i agree it sounds crazy
but some scientists believe that giant
predatory reptiles act like chickens so
this theory might not be that crazy
after all in fact any organic matter can
get petrified if placed in a suitable
environment from time to time
archaeologists come across not only
fossilized bones or wood but also fruits
citrus fruits apples peaches pears so
maybe alligators are constantly on the
lookout for food hey steve would you
like an orange sure

The Chick Knows What Will Happen Next

hold on if any object can be turned into
stone does this mean that it’s our fate
too are we all destined to turn into
stones to be eaten by alligators in fact
less than 0.1 percent of all living
creatures that have ever lived on our
planet have been preserved in fossilized
form it’s believed that only one bone in
a billion becomes fossilized as a rough
estimate we’ll get just over 60 bones
from the current 330 million people in
the united states that’s a bit more than
one-third of what makes the skeleton of
an adult man in general your chances of
being fossilized are not very great
unless you meet medusa but that’s a
different story let’s go back to the
alligators if the chances of being
fossilized are so small what kind of
stones do they swallow well they’re
called gastroliths i already mentioned
them in one of my previous videos many
animal species really use them to grind
food right in their stomachs the
gastroliths the alligators use do not
have to be rough and angular moreover
they can easily be reused even millions
of years later
70 million years later
oh that’s the kind of stone i need do
you remember the gorge i mentioned in
the beginning yes the ancient crocodiles
really brought all these stones there
which were later found by scientists of
course they weren’t going to give humans
a brain teaser they were just getting
rid of gastroliths which had become too
small and useless such a completely
natural process who would think that
millions of years later it would cause
such surprise although it’s not the
stones and the oldified gorge that amaze
me i’ve not even been there but think
for a second after all any stone that’s
smooth enough can in theory be an
ancient gastrolith especially if there’s
no reservoir river or people nearby any
smooth stone now you’re holding it in
your hand but millions of years ago a
dinosaur spat it out well not exactly
spat out that is one big pilot as you
already realize the history of
gastroliths began a very long time ago
and you know what it happened by pure
accident looks like the theory that
didn’t work with crocodiles was true
millions of years ago sauropods giant
herbivorous dinosaurs really didn’t know
how to chew their food properly but they
could never come up with an idea to do
something about it these guys were not
very smart but they accidentally in a
literal sense of the word invented
gastroliths they swallowed stones along
with food and probably were surprised it
became way easier to digest and
evolution had to just get along with it
in fact dinosaurs can be considered the
beta version of modern animals that is
they of course lived on our planet but
they were flawed it took nature a very
long time to figure out what it was
doing and why take regeneration for
example you know some animals can cast
off parts of their bodies and then
regrow them dinosaurs also tried to do
something similar though they didn’t
grow anything back an error literally
popped out in the middle of the process
the first flying dinosaurs were even
less lucky apparently they were
originally conceived by evolution as
something similar to modern birds
dinosaurs had wings made of skin
membranes similar to bats but the whole
structure was so fragile it was too
difficult to fly with it
well thank you evolution later when the
dinosaurs went extinct birds stepped in
to replace the unsuccessful project and
other vacant niches the new animals
turned out to be much more viable and
they functioned as expected alligators
by the way not only discovered the new
way stones could be used but also
learned how to regrow tails they may
well discard even eight inches of the
tail and then successfully regenerate it
that awkward feeling when your little
cousin is so much more successful than
you but this is how evolution works all
modern animals are superior to dinosaurs
and i’m not talking about physical
features now it’s clear that it’s
difficult to compete with giant lizards
that can destroy everything in their
path but when it comes to intelligence
if dinosaurs suddenly reappeared they
would not be able to compete with any
animal in the wild do not think that
tyrannosaurus was a skilled hunter its
prey was just not very bright even
velociraptors who can turn the doorknobs
in the movies would strike you as dumber
than a chicken in real life
modern animals have a number of survival
strategies dinosaurs couldn’t even think
of mostly because they generally weren’t
very good at thinking but don’t blame
them people who lived five to six
million years ago were also far from
being smart like einstein yes they were
superior to other mammals but compared
to modern humans our ancestors stand no
chance intelligence is not gastroliths
it cannot appear by chance according to
one theory climatic shocks in a
particular region simply forced the
primates to improve their brains to plan
their future when food was scarce as a
result we’re now here i’m making this
video and you’re watching it but what if
humans were suddenly eliminated what
species would step in as the next
high-tech civilization who after all
would inherit our smartphones no not
primates most likely the new lords of
the earth will be parrots for example
african grey parrots already know how to
count handle simple tasks speak in
complete sentences plus they manipulate
objects between their beaks and claws
also parrots have developed intelligence
the same way humans did by adapting to
climate change and the lack of food need
any more proof you know what’s ironic
birds descended from dinosaurs so if
humanity disappears and the birds take
over the dinosaurs will essentially
reclaim the earth.
see you later you.

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