West Seattle Blog… |  Update on the murder case and what else was discussed at the Alki Community Council

West Seattle Blog… | Update on the murder case and what else was discussed at the Alki Community Council

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By Tracy Records
West Seattle Blog Editor

THE Alki Community Councilbemoaned the low attendance at meetings for some time now. Not this evening. Alki UCC’s room was full and the online turnout also hit double digits.

Last weekend’s troubles at the beach, including a fatal shooting, were the main motivation, judging by the discussion, so Southwest neighborhood commanding the captain Martin Rivera was the guest who generated the most questions.

(Photo BMS, Saturday evening)

ALKI MURDER: No arrests yet in shooting that killed 25-year-old man Davonte Sanchez close whale tail park Saturday evening. But Captain Rivera said detectives are preparing to “put something into the community” by making another appeal for information and video in the case. He also revealed new information – the crowd on Alki was there because of an “event on TikTok” that police got “late word” of via a parking attendant. He said the SPD was mobilizing to remedy the situation when gunshots were heard, “and you know the rest.” He said “tracking units” were still actively working on the case.

Beyond that, participants wanted to know about plans for dealing with disturbances, particularly reckless driving.

Capt. Rivera said Alki’s “focus” will start this weekend and run most Fridays and Sundays through Labor Day and they’ll get the mobile enclosure there when they do. will be able. “It all depends on what’s going on in the whole precinct at that time.” Would a petition for more staff help? “We’re in a bit of a staffing slump,” and the “accentuated” patrols are already staffed with overtime people, Rivera said, so there’s really nowhere else to draw “more personnel.” He also noted that shifts have overlaps. But if big events – like last night’s two Delridge shooting incidents – happen elsewhere, officers should go there, regardless of how busy the beach is.

He also noted that they are doing what they can – traffic calming measures have taken a while but have finally been implemented – “it’s hard to get these things done” but it can be done, especially with a community partnership.

One participant observed that “car culture” overlaps with violence and wondered if the SPD was working with SDOT on more soothing. Short answer, yes, but budgetary difficulties have prevented them from extending these measures beyond their current level.

At that time, City Council candidate D-1 Rob Saka stood up and told attendees, “My heart aches” about the Whale Tail Park shooting, claiming his children were playing there just hours before the murder. “We need anti-cruise patrols, anti-gun violence… I wish the police could be more proactive and less reactive.” Captain Rivera said he agreed that “we need more officers”. (Saka was the only contestant present, although someone in the gallery identified themselves as Phil Tavelcampaign manager.)

Support for more traffic calming was strong; one participant suggested crowdfunding if money is what it takes; talk to SDOT, suggested Rivera. What about paid parking on the beach to raise money? asked another participant, or charge people to visit the beaches? Captain Rivera said this was unsuccessful as it would unfairly affect members of the community.

Another attendee said he wanted to make sure the early closing time starting Memorial Day weekend extends to Don Armeni, the entire shoreline, not just the beach itself.

Two other town guests spoke relatively briefly.

SDOT SHARED MICROMOBILITY PROGRAM: Kim Pearson from SDOT was the guest. It focuses on self-service scooters and bikes. Four companies offer five types of devices – three scooters, two bicycles. \

In 2022, more than 3.7 million trips were made, more than one million more trips than the previous year. Each trip takes an average of 11 minutes or more. Pearson talked about various related programs, including free headsets available at customer service centers around the city (including Southwest).

Here’s how to report a problem:

PUMPING STATION 38: Valérie Tokumoto Since Seattle Utilities said PS 38 – the station being renovated in the 1400 block of Alki SW – is one of 70 pump stations in the city system “and we have plans for each of them”. The landscaping will extend 50 feet on either side of the pump station. She wanted to make sure people knew how to raise their questions and concerns, and recommended Find it Fix it for the last. (The project webpage is here.)

NEXT MEETING : president of the ACC Tony Fragada and vice president Pierre Randie expressed hope that the newbies would be back next month. Group meetings are generally held at 7:00 p.m. on the third Thursdays at Alki UCC (6115 SW Hinds).

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