West Seattle Blog… |  SURVEY: What local services do older and/or disabled people need the most?

West Seattle Blog… | SURVEY: What local services do older and/or disabled people need the most?

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Which services are most important for older and/or disabled people? What needs are not taken into account? A municipal agency is looking for your answers, to make sure it is setting its priorities correctly. Here is the announcement received this afternoon:

Aging and Disability Services (ADS), a division of Seattle Department of Social Services (HSD) which serves as Zonal Agency on Aging for Seattle and King County, monitors trends and issues affecting seniors and adults with disabilities in King County. ADS invites all members of the public to complete a survey, commenting on service priorities for older people and people with disabilities.

Every four years, ADS and more than 600 other regional aging agencies across the United States develop a regional plan that charts the course each agency will take to meet emerging needs, while striving to build friendly communities. elders. The area plan outlines the function of ADS, outlines population trends relevant to King County, and outlines key goals and objectives to address trends, issues, and needs. To support the development of the regional plan for 2024-2027, ADS examines changing trends that impact older people and people with disabilities, and invites community input on goals and objectives.

“We listen and we form strong bonds with the community,” said the director of ADS Mary Mitchell. “We have a very strong interest in racial equity. People of color should not experience disparities. To that end, we particularly want to hear from older people, adults with disabilities and caregivers in BIPOC communities. »

ADS has published a 2023 community engagement survey online at bit.ly/40HJDv6. The deadline for completion is friday april 21.

In July, ADS will publish a draft zone plan for 2024-2027 online at agingkingcounty.org/area-plan and schedule a public hearing. After approval of a final draft plan by the Seattle-King County Advisory Board on Aging and Disability Services, key partners will be submitted to the State Unit on Aging (part of DSHS Aging and Long-Term Support Administration). After state approval in early 2024, the final plan will go live.

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