West Seattle Blog… |  HEALTH: West Seattle therapist creates new group for neurodiverse people

West Seattle Blog… | HEALTH: West Seattle therapist creates new group for neurodiverse people

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Starting tonight, West Seattle therapist Laura Bruco offers paid group therapy for neurodiverse people – here’s what it is:

I’m starting a new therapy group called mental landscapesspecially designed for neurodiverse / neuroqueer adults.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the terms, “neurodiverse” and “neuroqueer” refer to individuals with different neurological patterns, which can include conditions such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and d other ways of thinking and processing information that diverge from the neurological norm.

Mindscapes is about creating a warm and inclusive environment where neurodivergent adults can come together to discuss their challenges, successes, and perspectives. The group is inspired by the wisdom of nature and seeks to build a sustainable, creative and reciprocal community that celebrates the uniqueness of each participant.

By participating in Mindscapes, members can gain a deeper understanding of their own neurological patterns, connect with others who are experiencing being neuroqueer in a neurotypical world, and gain strategies and support for navigating the life.

The group will start on March 28 and will meet every Tuesday from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Before signing up, I’d like to have a quick 20 minute chat with each person to make sure they’re the right person (book at thecenterofyou.net/booking/). The group will be hosted on Zoom and the link will be provided after our initial conversation. The group is open so that people can come and go according to their resources and needs.

The cost is “pay what you can”, with a suggested contribution of $20/session. This way, everyone has access to the group, regardless of their financial situation.

The group will remain open for people joining even after tonight’s first meeting, so even if you don’t see it in time, if you’re interested, you can contact Laura at Laura@TheCenterOfYou.net.

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