West Seattle Blog… |  FOLLOW-UP: Closer Focus for SW Holden Natural Drainage Systems Project

West Seattle Blog… | FOLLOW-UP: Closer Focus for SW Holden Natural Drainage Systems Project

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As previewed here, a team from Seattle Public Utilities was out at 17/Holden this afternoon, talking to people in the neighborhood of the SW Holden Natural Drainage Systems project. It is intended to be both a stormwater filtering project and also a traffic calming plan, as the city considers this stretch of Holden to be wider than it should be for a “street of area”. Coming to see what’s new as the plan hits 30% design, we learned that they are now only focusing on the south side of Holden:

This is for two reasons, according to the project team – firstly, stormwater from the north side already enters a system that brings it to the treatment plant, while the south side goes to Longfellow Creek, thus filtering “natural drainage system” will bring an environmental benefit. Second, the Seattle Fire Department – who has Post 11 one block away at 16th/Holden – expressed concern that the street was narrowing excessively and rendering it unusable as a primary response route. Thus, at the 17th/Holden intersection, the road will be narrowed to 25 feet from the current 36 feet. Some parking lots will be lost on the south side, while they will be retained on the north side. They will also add ramps to cross 17th/Holden as well as 16th/Holden.

We asked about the old substation plot at the southwest corner of 16th/Holden; the curb there will be removed as part of the project, which is expected to happen even if/when the site is redeveloped, as the entrance is expected to be off the driveway on the west side.

The plan will also drain more water from the southeast side of the 16th/Holden intersection than originally planned, sending it to “natural drainage” via two “inlets”.

All of this is currently under review by SDOT, according to the project team; once this department gives its approval, it will proceed to the 60% design phase, which will also require review and approval. Construction is tentatively expected to begin next year.

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