War in Ukraine.  Heavy hit to Russians, long range missiles… talk of the night

War in Ukraine. Heavy hit to Russians, long range missiles… talk of the night

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On the evening of Saturday, January 28, 2023, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry published data on the estimated losses of Russian troops over the past seven days.

According to Kyiv, Vladimir Putin’s forces lost 5,350 soldiers (600 on 22 January, 720 on 23 January, 690 on 24 January, 910 on 25 January, 780 on 26 January, 850 on 27 January and 800 on 28 January) . Moscow’s losses since the beginning of the Russian offensive on February 24, 2022, are 125,510 men.

For these human losses, Russia would have lost, for one day on Saturday, seven tanks, four armored vehicles, eight artillery vehicles, one rocket launcher, six drones, 26 vehicles and fuel tanks, one helicopter and one fighter plane.

This precise count, updated regularly by Ukraine, is part of a psychological and media war waged by Kyiv to try to destabilize Moscow’s military and push the Russian population to oppose the go-away policy. Kremlin battle.

Kyiv asks for missiles

An adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said Kyiv is in talks with its allies to obtain the long-range missile, which Ukrainian officials believe will prevent Russia from destroying the country’s main cities. required to stop.

Ukraine has received battle tanks from its Western backers and is seeking fighter jets to repel Russian and pro-Russia forces that are slowly advancing on the front line.

In a video released on the evening of Saturday, January 28, 2023, Volodymyr Zelensky said that Ukraine was seeking to prevent further Russian attacks against Ukrainian urban areas and civilians.

“Ukraine needs long-range missiles […] To keep its missile launchers away from the front line and deprive the occupier of the possibility of destroying Ukrainian cities.Zelensky said.

American Aircraft and BHL Grandstand

The US press has focused in recent days on the sending of American and European tanks to Kyiv. According to CNN, “Tanks for Ukraine once seemed unthinkable”and wonder if fighter planes could be “to be next”, hill reports that the Pentagon is not “no announcement to make” about it, but “Don’t even deny”,

in wall street journalMichael Makowski and Blaise Mizztel Highlights “Reserve of the Arsenal of Democracy” In Israel, a little-known US weapons depot that has become essential storage for the Biden administration in the context of the war in Ukraine, but which is in need of a fresh update.

The American Economic Newspaper devotes an article to Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich and his effort, “won not”of “Save Ukraine, its reputation and its destiny”, “They are becoming less likely to be arbiters” And its assets are under pressure.

eventually wall street journal A text, signed by Bernard-Henri Lévy, was published on Friday evening in its “Opinion” section. The latter requests Kyiv’s entry into the Atlantic Treaty. “Bringing Ukraine into NATO is as much in our own strategic interest as it is in our moral duty”Writes BHL.

North Korea denies arms supply to Russia

North Korea denied supplying weapons to Moscow on Sunday, January 29, 2023 after Washington accused it of giving rockets and missiles to Wagner, the Russian paramilitary group engaged in Ukraine.

Last week, White House Security Council spokesman John Kirby released US intelligence footage purportedly showing Russian train cars returning from North Korea loaded with military equipment, including rockets for Wagner.

A senior representative of the North Korean government condemned “a foolish attempt at justification” Future arms shipments from Washington to Ukraine, which on Thursday promised to deliver 31 Abrams tanks to Kyiv.

Quoted by the official press agency KCNAKwon Jong Gun, director general of the Department of North Korean American Affairs, dismissed it “a rumor created from scratch” and warned the United States that they would expose themselves “really undesirable consequences” If they continue to spread it.

“Trying to tarnish (North Korea’s) image by making up something that doesn’t exist is a grave provocation that can never be allowed and can only trigger a backlash”,