Wait what? You can now ride a bike. Watch the viral clip

For a very long time, many have dreamed of futuristic flying cars. Not only that, but people have also created AI-based models and images of these cars. Even though flying cars are still a dream for many, flying bikes certainly aren’t.

Japanese start-up AERWINS has made headlines by creating a flying bike called XTURISMO. It is a hoverbike that can fly through the air and is touted as the world’s first flying bike. The hoverbike is already on sale in Japan. The AERWINS CEO also plans to sell the bike in the United States.

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Recently, a video of the XTURISMO took social media by storm. In the clip, a person can be seen sitting on this bicycle surrounded by turbines. When the person starts the bike, he first takes it in the air and then flies in it. This video was shared on Instagram by @entrepreneursquote. It was originally uploaded by @xturismo_official.

Looks straight out of a movie, right? This video was shared two weeks ago. Since its publication, it has been liked by several people. Many thought the bike looked futuristic and reminded them of a drone.

One individual posted: “It’s a drone with a seat. I can now say that humanity is really moving towards the “Cyberpunk” era. Another person added: “Motor drone or bicycle drone, they should call it. Seems a bit slow, but I’m sure upgrades will get better. A third person posted: “That’s so cool.”

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