Video released of violent attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband

Video released of violent attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband

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The publication was made at the instance of the judge, despite the opposition of the parties to the defense in the form of an indictment. Nancy Pelosi isn’t going to see him.

Video of former Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi’s husband being attacked with a hammer, a drama that shocked the US political class and spawned numerous conspiracy theories, was made public Friday by a judge’s ruling.

In this Oct. 28 footage, recorded by a pedestrian camera of police who intervened at Pelosi’s home in San Francisco, Paul Pelosi and her assailant are in the hallway, both holding hammers, which the officer asked them to let go it is said. Forward David Deppe refused, and pulled the hammer on him, before bringing it down violently on Paul Pelosi’s skull, though the impact was not visible on images. The police rush to help her husband, who at that time was the third character of the US state, trying to get the attacker to the ground away from his victim, who seemed to be unconscious.

After the attack, Paul Pelosi, 82, had to undergo surgery for “a fractured skull and severe injuries to the right arm and hands“, a spokesman indicated, and was not able to leave the hospital until a week later. The publication of this video follows a decision by Judge Stephen Murphy to that effect, despite protests from both the defense and prosecution. Nancy Pelosi said on Friday that he did not plan to view these photos.”The attack on my husband’s life must have been extremely difficult to watch.“, she explained to the CBS channel.

,My main concern is for my husband’s well-being.“, he explained, adding that the latter was”made some progress“But he’ll still be needed”at least three months to get back to normalDavid Deppe, a 42-year-old Canadian former nudist activist and follower of conspiracy theories on social networks, reported that he broke into Pelosi’s home to attack the Speaker of the House days before the midterm elections. The indictment, which, among other things, assured during interrogation that he wanted to attack other American personalities, denied all the charges brought against him. In the event of a trial, he faces a sentence of life imprisonment .