Trump’s CNN Town Hall Audience Told ‘Don’t Boo’

Trump’s CNN Town Hall Audience Told ‘Don’t Boo’

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I think most of us were deeply disgusted by CNN hosting the twice impeached and indicted sexual predator on their network for a live town hall. The most disgusting part was the laughter from the audience when Trump lashed out at E. Jean Carroll, the former president’s sexual abuse victim. According Puckhowever, they were told not to boo, and some audience members were “disgusted” or “baffled”.

Republican political consultant Matthew Bartlett confirmed this in an interview with Tara Palmeri of Puck News.

“The floor manager came out early and said, ‘Please don’t boo; please be respectful. You were allowed to clap,'” Bartlett said.

“And I think that set the tone where people were going to do their best to keep that between the navigational beacons, and if they felt like they had to clap, they would, but they weren’t going to have outburst or they were ‘I’m not going to boo a response,’ he continued.

“There were a lot of people in that room who were ardent supporters of President Trump, and no matter what he said, they were ready to jump out of their seats and cheer,” he continued. “But there were also people sitting there quietly disgusted or bewildered. In a TV set, you hear the applause, but you don’t see the disgust. So Trump didn’t have the whole room on his side, don’t you Make no mistake about it, although it certainly appeared that way on TV.”

“When I turned on my phone after the event, the texts came in. You saw the coverage afterwards. People thought it was more of a rally than a town hall – maybe even at one point a debate between Kaitlan Collins and Donald Trump,” he added. “But in that room, I remember coming out and people in the front row saying, He’s talking crazy stuff, and I think a lot of those lawsuits add up. There was great skepticism. He kind of lost the audience at certain points where he was talking about January 6 and the back and forth around the tweets. And then there were people saying, this is vintage Trump. I’m so glad to see him sticking that on CNN right in the middle of it. in their face. So it was a mix.”

The crowd that erupted in applause when Trump called Collins “mean” and attacked the victim of his sexual assault was unnerving. There is no excuse for this. I guess we should be glad everyone didn’t applaud his behavior. And Kaitlan Collins will always be considered an idiot.

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