Trump’s Arrested Development |  Scammers and liars

Trump’s Arrested Development | Scammers and liars

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Trae Crowder has shared his thoughts on Trump’s prediction that he will be arrested on Tuesday. It puts Trump calling his winged monkeys to stage a protest/riot/second uprising into perspective and even puts MTG and the rest of the Dumbass delegation in their place. And yes, I think the Dumbass delegation should be the official name of this group now.

As for me, I’m not even going to worry about it until I see Trump being stepped on. We’ve heard that justice was going to happen any second for so long, it’s become like a modern version of the boy who cried wolf. In other words, seeing is believing. Especially since the only one to say that it will happen is Trump. I think most people would agree that Trump is not the most reliable source of information.

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