Trump has tried to restart his campaign

Trump has tried to restart his campaign

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Former US President Donald Trump. Marco Bello/Reuters

The former US president returned to meetings on Saturday in hopes of boosting his candidacy for the White House.

A speech in the key state of New Hampshire, another first in South Carolina, 1,500 km away: Donald Trump held campaign rallies on Saturday, January 28, in hopes of boosting his candidacy for the White House.

Two-and-a-half months after launching the 2024 election race, the former US president is leaving the gilded salon of his Florida residence for a visit that doesn’t stand a chance. These two states will be among the first to hold their Republican primaries in early 2024. A victory would guarantee Donald Trump a precious – and necessary – momentum for the rest of the campaign.

On Saturday morning, the seventy-year-old will travel to Salem, a small town in New Hampshire where the Republican Party is holding its annual convention. But after ruling the “Grand Old Party” for years, Donald Trump won’t necessarily be able to triumph. In this Canadian border state, many local elected officials criticize the billionaire for sealing Republicans’ chances in recent midterm elections by supporting candidates deemed too extreme.

Personally, I think it has lost a lot of its appeal and aura. ,

former supporter of donald trump

“Personally, I think he has lost a lot of his appeal and his aura”.announces Mike Bordes, elected to local parliament, who endorsed Donald Trump in the 2020 election. If this man will appear in Salem on Saturday – “He is a former president, so we should welcome him” – also called “Willing to move on and consider other options” for the Republican nomination. Same observation in South Carolina, a state bordered by the Atlantic where Donald Trump will unveil his campaign team at 4:00 pm (9:00 GMT).

Because if the former president is officially the only declared Republican nominee, several contenders in this state appear poised to launch as well. Starting with former governor Nikki Haley, who promised her supporters an announcement very soon. Donald Trump has also seen many of his major donors publicly announce that they will not support his candidacy in 2024 in favor of Ron DeSantis – the governor of Florida and the party’s rising star, but has officially dropped him from the race. has not been included.

Political concerns that a former president already beset by myriad investigations would do well to do. In December, a parliamentary committee investigating Republican responsibility for an attack led by his supporters against the United States Congress recommended that he be criminally prosecuted. A judge in Georgia also promised a verdict “near” about the political pressure exerted by them in that state.

passedas well – Trump would be interested in going to the polls and sponsoring DeSantis, according to Renaud Girard

But beware, his supporters keep repeating again and again to bury Donald Trump too soon. The Tribune, whose downfall has been announced a thousand times, has so far escaped all scandal. The ex-real estate magnate may also greatly benefit from the upcoming lifting of the suspension of his Facebook and Instagram accounts, finding a very lucrative megaphone out there. Donald Trump, or someone else… The candidate chosen by the Republican camp at the end of these primaries will face the Democratic Party nominee in November 2024.

President Joe Biden says so far he has “intent to perform”, and promised to make his decision public at the beginning of the year. Gradually, the framework of his possible candidature is also taking shape. The octogenarian leader will be in New York next Tuesday, then in Philadelphia on Friday, meeting wealthy supporters to replenish his party’s coffers. Political experts are predicting a possible announcement after his State of the Union address, a traditional policy speech given by presidents to lawmakers – and scheduled for February 7. No Democrat has yet emerged to challenge him.