True To Form, GOP Takes Food From Women And Children

True To Form, GOP Takes Food From Women And Children

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Sure, ban abortion because you’re pro-life, then starve the low-income women, infants, and children. Sounds legit! House Republicans went after food stamps in the debt ceiling deal and want to take a jab at WIC, too.

CNN reports:

GOP lawmakers have proposed curtailing funding for WIC in the chamber’s version of the US Department of Agriculture’s annual spending bill. The legislation could force some families to wait for aid for the first time in years, as well as limit their ability to buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

It’s among the party’s latest efforts to cut federal spending by limiting benefits, reducing enrollment and adding work requirements to the nation’s safety net.

However, some of the cuts, as well as a controversial provision related to abortion, left House Republicans unable to pass the spending bill on Thursday before members left for a six-week break. In addition to agriculture, the legislation also funds the Food and Drug Administration and other related agencies.

Even though the appropriations subcommittee that crafted the bill is led by conservative GOP Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland, some of his peers want to push the bill even more to the right. They have offered scores of amendments that would slash food assistance more deeply and further the party’s war on certain social issues.

For instance, Florida Republican Rep. Byron Donalds would greatly expand work requirements for certain adults in the food stamps program, raising the age threshold to 64, from 49, and including those with dependents over age 6, instead of those without minor children.

Other amendments would restrict exempting recipients from the work requirement and allowing states to obtain waivers if there’s a lack of sufficient jobs in the area.

Make it make sense, please.