Trouble threatens Bobrisky as famous blogger sues him, court date set – Reuters

Trouble threatens Bobrisky as famous blogger sues him, court date set – Reuters

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The drama between famous blogger Bobrisky and transvestite Bobrisky isn’t over yet.

In an update on their fiasco, Tosin Silverdam revealed that he served Bobrisky with a letter from the court.

Rejoicing, Tosin revealed that the letter was delivered to Bobrisky on Tuesday at his Bera Estate residence.

According to him, he was so happy that Bobrisky received the bailiff’s letter.

Tosin Silverdam added that their trial is scheduled for May 2023.

“Hello guys, so yesterday Bobrisky received a letter. Bobrisky has been sued, our court date is in May. The letter was delivered to him yesterday at his Bera Estate residence. I was so happy that it was he who received the bailiff’s letter.

Thanks to my lawyers and management. It is better to take this matter to court”.

He added: “I don’t need to post a receipt to prove anything because that’s not how I fight. You move in silence. I will update you guys on the necessary details”.

Tosin Silverdam sues Bobrisky

Drama as Bobrisky arrests blogger Tosin Silverdam for defamation

Kemi Filani reported last week that Bobrisky had taken Instagram blogger Tosin Silverdam to court.

For days, the two socialites had been back and forth over an allegation Tosin had made against Bobrisky.

On his Telegram page, Tosin Silverdam had uploaded a video of the alleged young Bobrisky worker having sex with a man.

The blogger accused Bobrisky of turning his workers into sex objects and using them for prostitution.

Following the allegation, Bobrisky had messaged him privately to recant or risk hearing from his lawyers.

In an update, Bobrisky had sued Tosin after remaining adamant.

In videos that have made the rounds, Tosin Silverdam and Bobrisky were seen at the AIG office as Bobrisky filed a lawsuit against the blogger for defamation.

According to sources, Bobrisky petitioned the AIG office through his attorneys.

They were both asked to file an old lawsuit that would likely go to court if the two sides failed to resolve their issues.

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