Tony Khan Reveals AEW All Out 2023 PPV Buys, Adam Cole Talks Bromance With MJF

Tony Khan Reveals AEW All Out 2023 PPV Buys, Adam Cole Talks Bromance With MJF

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AEW President Tony Khan shared an update on pay-per-view buys during the post-show media scrum at Sunday’s All Out 2023 pay-per-view event.

Khan stated that AEW All Out 2023 is already over 100,000 PPV buys while AEW All In 2023 is closing in on 200,000 PPV buys.

AEW All Out 2021 currently holds the record for most AEW PPV buys (215,000).

In other news, Better Than You Bay Bay (Adam Cole and MJF) defeated The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds & John Silver) to retain the ROH World Tag Team Championships at Sunday’s AEW All Out 2023 pay-per-view event.

During the post-AEW All Out 2023 show media scrum, Cole discussed his bromance with MJF, fans getting behind the team, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the presser below:

On fans getting behind MJF and himself as a team: “Truth be told, it’s been bizarre in the best way possible. I was hoping that — because even before I came to AEW, I know a lot of people had talked about the idea of, ‘Adam Cole vs. MJF would be a really cool thing to see.’ And I was hoping people were going to be excited about the idea of us facing each other. And obviously, we’re randomly thrown together as a team by chance. And never in a million years did I think everyone would not only be that excited about it, but stay that excited about it. I don’t think he expected it, I didn’t expect it, but the fans certainly made their voice heard when it came to that.

“I think initially maybe it started with the excitement aside from them being very invested — and I think both of our characters, but the idea as well of, ‘This is such an odd pairing.’ And ‘Who knows how genuine this is, and who knows how long it’s gonna last?’ And then as the friendship is continued to grow, and us as a team has continued to grow, the fact that everyone’s grasped onto us as a team is absolutely unbelievable. It’s the most fun I’ve had in my entire 15 year-career, and I’m just glad the fans are having as much fun as we are. Because it’s an absolute blast.”

On MJF as a locker room leader: “Oh yeah, Max is certainly a leader. Max is someone who again, he eats, sleeps, and breathes pro wrestling for sure. And he’s been in a position where he’s been with AEW from the very start. He loves — he LOVES AEW with his whole entire heart. And he’s so proud of the product we’ve produced, he’s very proud of the locker room.

“So generally, Max is someone who leads by example. He’s someone that the locker room can look up to in a lot of ways, just based on again, how passionate he is about the company. And how passionate he is about wanting whatever he’s involved in to be the best that it possibly can be. So absolutely, I think he’s been an excellent leader.”

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