Tony Khan addresses upcoming AEW announcement, Trevor Murdoch praises NWA

Tony Khan addresses upcoming AEW announcement, Trevor Murdoch praises NWA

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During a recent appearance on The Maggie and Perloff Show, AEW President Tony Khan addressed the huge AEW announcement coming this week. Khan confirmed that the upcoming announcement “implies TNT.” He said,

“I have a big announcement. I can’t say exactly what it is, but I can say I’ve teased TNT’s involvement, and next week we have Wednesday Night Dynamite on TBS. So I I said, keep an eye out for Wednesday Night Dynamite on TBS, but also, there might be something involving TNT that day.

“It won’t be Inside the NBA, but it’s another good show on TNT, so there’s a lot of exciting things happening in AEW.

In last Wednesday’s edition of Dynamite, Khan said: “I think it’s clearer than ever that AEW can produce even more great content every week. I’d like you to stay tuned to TNT next Wednesday for a huge announcement. I’d like you to stay tune in to TNT next week for a huge announcement. And please join us next Wednesday on AEW Dynamite, where we follow up on one of the biggest announcements in AEW history. .

The big announcement is expected to be the new AEW primetime show, Collision, which airs Saturday nights on TNT. The announcement will likely take place during the Warner Bros. presentation. Discovery Upfront Wednesday at Madison Square Garden.

CM Punk is reportedly returning to AEW for the first episode of Collision scheduled for June 17 at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois.

In a recent interview with Fox News, former NWA Heavyweight Champion Trevor Murdoch spoke about his loyalty to the NWA and Billy Corgan, and praised the promotion.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

Trevor Murdoch on how he’s treated in NWA: “They treat me like I’m part of the team. And when you treat me like that, I become the most loyal individual you will ever have. I’ll take a bullet from you. If I know that you are willing to be there for me, work hard for me, and give me every opportunity, then I will loyally return it to you.

On the opportunities he received in the company: “As a wrestler, I always wanted the company that had a boss that trusted me. To give me opportunities, to let me fail. Billy (Corgan) and the NWA did that. given the opportunity to go there, and I tell them what I can do and what I’m going to do in these matches. And they say, ‘OK, go ahead, do it.’ And they give me opportunities to prove that I’m a good wrestler. That I’m ready to go out and put on a hell of a show and entertain these people. Whereas when I worked for other companies, I didn’t have not had these opportunities.

His thoughts on competing in NWA: “Here in the NWA, I don’t have a major favorite moment. The whole thing is in my favor. I get in the ring with like-minded people who, I could be crucified, they’re not a gang I don’t know how to explain it. I apologize for my language, but I hit some of these guys really hard, and they didn’t come back complaining and complaining. They wanted more And that’s the type of wrestling that I want to bring to people. These badass, bring ’em to the stake, get your shit on, old fashioned pro wrestling.

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