Thrifty “Swifties” find their Eras tour outfits at thrift stores

Thrifty “Swifties” find their Eras tour outfits at thrift stores

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Those lucky enough to have a ticket to the Taylor Swift concerts at Empower Field on July 14 and 15 are now deciding what to wear.

Some fans who have spent hundreds of tickets try to stick to a budget by buying their outfits from thrift stores. Maggie Scivicque, director of marketing for Arc Thrift Stores, said it felt like the Halloween shopping rush.

“It’s like a historic event in Denver, the kids are going crazy about it, and so are we,” she said.

Since the singer’s “Eras” tour began in March, fans have used her ten albums as inspiration for their concert outfits. They range from the country and bohemian looks of his “early days”, to the moody looks of the “Reputation” era, to the frilly pastels of “Lover”.

Colorado-based steward, artist and influencer Maddie Salerno was able to find looks representing all ten albums at Arc Thirft Stores. She said the easiest to dub was “Debut.”

“You remember her wearing a lot of white dresses, you put on a cowboy hat and cowboy boots, and that’s one of the easiest things to do,” she said.

It was also easy to find affordable options for “Red” or “Speak Now,” which is purple.

Denver7 and “Swiftie” morning producer Elizabeth Bilka said “Reputation” is a lot of black; the “1989” era featured cropped tops and skirts; “Fearless” is gold; “Folkore” and “Evermore” feature flowing dresses; “Midnights” is about blue tones and more glitter (it seems like you can never go wrong with glitter).

If your outfit is something you’ll only wear once, Salerno encourages you to donate it to a nonprofit like Arc Thrift Stores.

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