This new tool can hack millions of protected images in seconds

This new tool can hack millions of protected images in seconds

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Watermark is a new free tool powered by AI that allows you to remove watermarks from copyrighted images on banks such as Shutterstock, Adobe Stock or Getty Images in just a few moments.

watermark remover io
credit: pixelbin

Since the launch of ChatGPT, OpenAI’s revolutionary conversational AI, all eyes have been on artificial intelligence and the potential harnessing and consequences of this technology, which Microsoft says will be as important as the PC and the Internet.

Furthermore, and according to the specialized company Translate, AI will exceed humans by 2028. To meet these new challenges, France has already set up dedicated structures. This is especially the case of CNIL, which has just announced the launch of a new artificial intelligence service Provide a legal framework for the use of this technology.

Watermark, the new image bank nightmare

And the needs in this area are already being felt. Watermark, the brand new AI-powered free tool, is proof of that. In short, this tool offered by, Removes watermark from images in seconds Offered on paid banks like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock or Getty Images.

Watermark was launched in December 2022. There is already a lot of resistance from rights holders and organizations concerned with copyright protection. Of course, there are already solutions out there for watermark removal, especially in Adobe Photoshop. However, these tools are often available as paid software and Some experience is needed to get a solid result.

watermark remover io
credit: pixelbin

Impressive results in seconds

opposite of this, Watermark is completely free and is available on the web and through an Android app. And icing on the cake, the process is within everyone’s reach as it is done in a single click. Ironically, Shutterstock and Adobe Stock have recently introduced AI-sized images. Although, We suspect they’re less enthused about the idea of ​​AI being used to steal their wealth.

Especially when she does it so effectively. For the occasion, we conducted some tests on images from the image bank used by the editorial staff, namely 123RF. Of course, the result is quite impressive. Watermark removal takes seconds, Nevertheless, some artifacts remain.

As our partners at The Verge report, However results vary depending on the watermark used by the platform, Getty Images Watermark offers the most resistance. Note that Image Bank has a very different policy towards AI than that adopted by Shutterstock and Adobe Any AI-generated content is strictly prohibitedEspecially because of copyright concerns.

A Legal Loophole That Benefits Watermark

But what about the legality of such a tool? If removing a watermark on a protected image without the consent of the rights holder is completely illegal in France, as in the United States, Using a tool like Watermark to circumvent these restrictions is not, Furthermore, as is clear from this statement, PixelBin takes advantage of this legal vacuum:

,Users are free to remove watermarks as they wish, but we suggest that they do not do so for commercial purposes, or to remove watermarks from copyrighted images. Users of this application are solely responsible for any complaints, damages, costs, expenses, lawsuits, etc. brought by a third party in connection with the use of the images as a result of watermark removal”.

You must agree, with Watermark, we are in front of A new example of how AI can be used to cause harm For image banks, but on a larger scale, for many professionals such as photographers.