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This Is Why Cats Hate Dogs | the dog family from which modern pets
descended originated in North America
about 40 million years ago another 20
million years later it reached its peak
but something happened the dogs began to
disappear quickly one species after
another only recently have the
scientists discovered it happened
because of cats
it’s a well-known fact that dogs and
cats can’t stand each other in 2018
researchers at the university of lincoln
did an extensive study to find out if
this feud can be confirmed from a
statistical point of view as a result 57
percent of owners admitted their cats
hissed at dogs or hit them 18 percent
said their dogs threatened cats and less
than 10 percent of cats and only 1 of
dogs ever harming the other animal that
is the reason lies not in the natural
aggression of specific pets something is
going on between cats and dogs and of
course this didn’t start yesterday or in
2018 stories about how cats and dogs
can’t get along with each other can be
found throughout the history of mankind
in 1560 people said they fight like cats
and dogs about married couples who
quarreled all the time but i’m certain
even the ancient greeks noticed the
antagonistic relationship because well
you know they generally had a good eye
for detail perhaps genetic memory is the
reason for the feud between these
animals studies show that cats and dogs
can remember events that happened many
years ago that is if one of them was
aggressive during an encounter the other
can hold a grudge for a long time maybe
this could grow into a fear of all
canine or feline species or vice versa
hey cat let’s play
many months later hey cat let’s play

so maybe cats and dogs simply access the
memory of their ancestors and learn that
representatives of the other species are
their bitter enemies yes it sounds weird
and a little like assassin’s creed games
but there is some real evidence in favor
of genetic memory no templar order or
jumping from monuments into piles of hay
it’s all about mice scientists have
found that if mice that have already
cleared the maze have offspring their
babies won’t need to start their journey
from scratch they seem to already have
some idea how to navigate in the maze
and where to go this shows that animals
may have some kind of memory in their
genetic material and that material is
carried on of course having some clues
about the maze is not the same thing as
a centuries-old feud but what if it was
genetics that caused it remember the
dogs that disappeared from north america
scientists are quite sure that the cats
who came from asia were the reason for
that and this in turn could be recorded
somewhere in the genome the cats turned
out to be better adapted more effective
in hunting and literally left the local
predators without prey dooming them to
starvation things like that can’t be
forgotten although it’s weird this could
actually happen i mean can you imagine
wild dogs these include wolves and they
are real killing machines how could they
lose to some cats who just arrived
perhaps the reason lies in the way of
hunting and so-called weapon dogs chase
their prey at high speed until it’s
exhausted while cats prefer a sudden
ambush also cats pull out their claws
only when they attack which means they
don’t wear them out during a chase it
seems like such a small factor but there
are no small factors in the evolutionary
race for survival 40 extinct dog species
confirm this but let’s put aside the
extinct species and the epic feuds
between prehistoric cats and dogs too
many years have passed since then the
balance of power must have shifted or
hasn’t it cats have a strong body and
thanks to the strong muscles of their
hind legs they can jump six times their
own height don’t forget about the
ability to climb so high that you have
to call rescuers for help plus sharp
teeth claws that can scratch the enemy’s
eyes out flexibility bombs
okay okay they have no bombs for now
anyway the average dog runs roughly as
fast as the average cat but the dog can
hardly climb a tree the only chance to
win is to grab the cat with its mouth so
if both animals were the same size the
dog would stand no chance a good example
is a fight between the wolf and the lynx
many experts believe the wolf is
superior to the lynx when it comes to
protecting its territory but apparently
lynxes can only be killed by other
lynxes at the same time male lynxes can
easily deal with wolves especially young
ones of course i’m not talking about
attacking an entire pack this attempt is
doomed to failure from the start but
attacking a lone wolf is a different
story here the lynx has such good
chances of winning it may well affect
the entire population eliminating wolves
one by one turns out cats are something
like a super weapon created by nature
not as cool as honey badgers of course
but somewhere close here’s a fact for
you in australia roaming domestic cats
kill 390 million animals a year
including reptiles birds and mammals
this is an average of 186 animals mostly
native species per one roaming domestic
cat a year can you imagine how big this
figure is most people don’t wonder what
their pet does when they let it go for a
walk well it might be playing with
butterflies chasing birds maybe catching
a mouse come on it can’t be leaving for
a killing spree

today about 2.7 million australian
domestic cats are free to roam and hunt
wherever they want but the reason is not
only nobody restricts their movements
the cat’s dna has not changed much since
they were domesticated that is the cats
that used to be wild but then began to
catch mice near human dwellings and
those cats that purr in your lap are
almost the same animals in terms of
genetics of course unlike dogs they were
not subjected to rigorous selection for
certain qualities people didn’t look for
or breed cats that were good for a
certain task they were already perfect
as they were so cats kept their wild
abilities and dogs well dogs have
changed a lot over millions of years
coexistence with humans made them much
weaker than the wolves their closest
relatives wolves are smarter than
domestic dogs because they’re used to
constantly thinking in order to survive
they’re much stronger and have more
stamina but what’s more important is
that wolves live in packs it was the
pack that allowed them to survive from
ancient times to the present day as
dominic toretto would say what’s real is
family i don’t have friends
i got family but let’s leave the wolves
for now as i said only staying in a pack
can save them from wild cats what about
pets why do cats hate dogs and why
according to statistics it’s cats who
most often attack first perhaps the
reason may lie in domestication since
dogs were domesticated earlier they can
better control their behavior also you
probably know how difficult it can be to
train a cat this is not an animal that
will happily obey for a treat oh and
don’t forget that a cat is often smaller
than a dog which means that sometimes
cats have to defend themselves as a
precaution so to speak even if nothing
threatens them i’ve already mentioned
that dogs and cats have different
hunting strategies and this makes it
difficult to establish contact many cats
perceive dogs as a threat and try to run
away and dogs in turn have instincts
that command them to chase the fleeing
animal inconvenient however there is one
more factor that isn’t helpful for
establishing mutual understanding
between cats and dogs they speak
different languages literally not only
because some meow and others bark even
their body language is different for
example if a dog wags its tail it means
it’s in a friendly mood when a cat does
the same it’s a sign of fear and
aggression no wonder there are
misunderstandings all the time
and don’t think this happens only with
animals since they’re not smart enough
simple gestures even those you’re used
to may have quite a different meaning in
another country two fingers forming the
latin v usually stand for victory but
not in australia where this sign if
turned with the palm toward you is the
equivalent of a rude single finger
gesture it’s said that in the middle
east a thumbs up can mean a dirty insult
just like the ok sign in brazil you get
it right if people can’t agree about
simple gestures what would you expect
from animals maybe some of the viewers
are now reaching for the keyboard to
write in the comments that their cat and
dog simply adore each other never fight
and in general what i said is not true
can these animals live in harmony of
course they can calm demeanor growing
together since childhood a big age
difference there are indeed ways to live
in peace but it’ll still take many years
before cats stop being aggressive to
dogs some scientists believe they are
only halfway domesticated if we have
enough time then one day we’ll see
completely different cats they may be
more loving more trainable and more in
control of their behavior and homeless
feral cats will eventually grow larger
like the size of a puma because they’ll
hunt animals and get food from people in
many countries there are rumors of wild
cat populations that have grown to
enormous sizes in the future these myths
may become reality see you later

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