This Is How Evolution Prevents Animal Extinction

This Is How Evolution Prevents Animal Extinction

in 1895 wilhelm rodkin was working with
a cathode ray tube and accidentally
discovered x-rays he also saw the
structure of one of the most complex and
important human organs it was thanks to
our hands that we advanced so far on the
evolutionary ladder at the same time
some animals simply abandon them while
others use their forelimbs only for
walking but perhaps they have something
better instead let’s find out
whales have given up their teeth to be
able to filter water and get food they
had to completely restructure their jaws
though actually there was a far simpler
way to do that even if you’re a mammal
that eats the smallest inhabitants of
the oceans just ask the crab eater seals
these seals mostly eat krill tiny
swimming crustaceans and it seems very
strange that a rather large predatory
animal which can grow up to 6.5 feet
long could eat something so small aren’t
they carnivores with sharp teeth and all
that seals do not have strong front legs
and they can’t weave any kind of net so
they’ve learned to filter water through
their teeth just like whales but seals
made their teeth quite special crab
eater seals suck water along with its
small inhabitants into the mouth then
close their jaws and get rid of
everything liquid and unnecessary water
easily passes through unusual teeth like
through a sieve leaving only the most
delicious stuff however if a crab eater
seal wants to eat something bigger it
can use its sharp teeth the same way a
human would use a weapon well the rest
is a matter of practice so it has teeth
instead of hands well sort of imagine if
the same thing would happen to humans no
our teeth still serve specific purposes
but they have rather limited
functionality biting chewing but human
evolution could have taken a different
turn and today we could have a special
tooth for opening soda a special tooth
for lighting matches pretty convenient
or maybe it used to be this way of
course i don’t mean our ancestors had
teeth for opening soda but how did
people survive in this world back when
they didn’t use tools using teeth
actually it looks like that according to
the researchers the teeth of the
hominins that is primates which include
humans chimps and gorillas have
decreased in size in the course of
evolution to realize this you just need
to check out wisdom teeth in modern
humans they’re small useless or even
don’t develop at all while in many other
hominin species they were huge with a
chewing surface four times larger than
ours and this is true for other teeth as
well ardopithecus for example had
impressive canines but they’ve not
survived to modern times why it looks
like the tools are the reason for that
after our ancestors began to use more
advanced technologies while advanced for
their time of course they began to
gradually get rid of large teeth why
waste your body strength on growing
canines when you can use a stick instead
that’s why humans could do many things
with their teeth that were necessary for
survival even fight for females but now
well perhaps we could use them to open a
bag of sweets
but we actually got it covered instead
of teeth we have hands that help us cope
with most everyday tasks what if we
didn’t have them what if instead of
hands humans developed wings like birds
at first glance this seems like a cool
evolutionary adaptation
but if you think about it how would you
do your everyday chores when you have a
bunch of feathers instead of fingers the
birds have adapted sure they don’t need
to print reports drive a car or use a
touchscreen but a beat can actually do a
lot more things than you might imagine
even if there are no teeth in it the
beak is used not only for eating but for
many other purposes it could be a comb
for cleaning feathers or a handy trowel
for digging a nest hole birds use their
beaks to perform delicate tasks like
turning eggs or weaving twigs and blades
of grass together woodpeckers use their
beaks like a jackhammer to get to the
food the beak of some birds such as a
toucan is designed to impress the female
the bigger and more colorful the better
and parrots actually use their beaks as
i wanted to say third hand but it’s more
like a third foot with the help of beaks
they overcome obstacles when they don’t
want to fly but even given all this
wouldn’t it be more reasonable to just
keep your forelimbs i use the word keep
for a reason bird wings clearly share
ancestry with the forelimbs of dinosaurs
you can even see it in the structure of
the bones moreover the early ancestors
of birds had five fingers true so far
this is just a theory and scientists
continue to have debates in addition we
have no idea what was the purpose of
these five fingers definitely not
gripping but perhaps the fingers helped
the animal to rise from a prone position
and then apparently the dinosaur thought
of lying on its back and the fingers
turned into wings sounds logical and by
the way since we’re talking about
strange forelimbs why would
tyrannosaurus rex need them these funny
appendages with claws that look
ridiculous and are only good for memes
has evolution really looked at how the
t-rex turned out and was like well
that’ll do scientists have long been
trying to figure out why the limbs of
the world’s most famous dinosaur turned
out the way they did one theory says
that the small arms were well adapted
for powerful blows at close range and
the claws inflicted deep wounds on the
prey but i somehow find it hard to
believe another theory is much more
plausible t-rex used to have normal size
arms but then he had to choose between
them and really powerful jaws hunt only
small animals or jaws strong enough to
crush a car big arms but a small jaw or
small arms but a large jaw we all know
what he chose in the end the arms could
indeed have become just a useless
appendage like the wings of a flightless
bird many animals have ancestral
memories recorded in their dna even
humans we actually have a tail however
it grows in the womb and then disappears
by about the eighth week the tailbone is
the only thing that reminds of it
evolution has deprived us of our tails
because we didn’t need them after people
began to move on two legs it became
easier to maintain balance and if you
don’t climb trees you have enough hands
to handle everyday tasks why waste a
body’s resources on the tail when you no
longer grab the branches let’s leave
that to the monkeys
of course there are times when such a
third hand would come in handy imagine
you hold a cup of coffee in one hand
bags with grocery in the other and then
the phone starts ringing admit it the
tail would be very useful but it makes
no sense from the point of evolution
just like the third eyelid wisdom teeth
and those muscles that allow us to
wiggle our ears no being the highlight
of a party isn’t an evolutionary
advantage but sometimes our bodies work
let’s say in the opposite direction
there are things that seem completely
useless and even annoying although they
have a deep meaning take at least a bald
head anyone who started going bald will
not be happy about this and it’s always
been this way for centuries mankind has
been trying to find an answer to the
question of why we lose our hair i’m not
exaggerating one 5 000 year old egyptian
recipe against baldness suggested
blending the burned prickles of a
hedgehog immersed in oil with honey
alabaster red ochre and fingernail
scrapings sounds amazing at one time
people were convinced that baldness was
an epidemic in another period smooth
scalps in the military were blamed on
the heavy metal helmets worn by soldiers
today we know that baldness is caused by
the powerful breakdown product of
and it’s a hereditary condition however
nature could not just make random people
bald there must be some reason for that
scientists have a couple of theories and
they to be honest they’re pretty funny
for example hairlessness of the entire
body not only the head is associated
with the use of fire because less hairy
ancient people were less flammable which
means they had a better chance of
surviving and here’s another one people
go bald in order to move faster
aerodynamics and all that stuff though
this theory actually has a foundation
today professional swimmers often fully
shave their bodies and hide their hair
under a special cap to increase their
speed by as much as one and a half
seconds so it’s not that stupid if it
works from an evolutionary point of view
it’s cool to be bald though only
evolution thinks this way
what about animals everything in their
bodies seemed to serve some function
except for the dewclaw you’ve probably
seen it if you have a dog it’s small and
as meaningless as the arms of a t-rex or
isn’t it indeed it’s not used for
walking but when the dog starts running
its fifth claw provides additional grip
and helps stabilize the joint some dogs
also use their claws to climb trees or
to hold objects to chew them better yes
don’t worry your slipper is in good paws
you can say goodbye to it seems like in
this situation our little fingers have
no practical use at all but they are one
of the most important fingers it’s the
little fingers that provide a strong
grip if there’s a horizontal bar nearby
you can make an experiment try doing
pull-ups without using your little
fingers and then do the same but without
your index fingers the difference will
be too obvious toes are a slightly
different story obviously they’re not
used for grasping objects but they are
necessary for maintaining balance the
little toe is the second most important
digit after the thumb it has a really
important mission and this is not only
hitting the corner of the nightstand
well you probably know what i mean
see you later

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