Things about Tere Bin that don’t make sense

Things about Tere Bin that don’t make sense

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CARACHI: More than 20 episodes in the drama Tere Binwe have to admit that it has become a guilty pleasure. Not because it is spectacular but because of its mediocrity! Unrequited love, multiple love triangles, ridiculous subplots, and plenty of will or will not keep us watching the drama week after week. That’s not to say it doesn’t leave us frustrated. We have some serious questions for the cast of the drama and the crew behind Tere Bin.

Why is Ma Begum so hot and cold?

Ma Begum and her mood swings give us a serious boost. Whether it’s slapping Meerub, kicking her out of the house, telling her she loves him, or giving her a good ear to sleep, it’s become hard to keep up with the family matriarch.

Doesn’t Meerub’s room have a door?

If Ma Begum expects Meerub and Murtasim to produce an heir, the least we can do is give them privacy. Whether it’s Haya lingering outside their room, or Ma Begum barging in without knocking, or the maids reporting what they see, you really start to feel bad for the couple.

Why doesn’t Meerub speak? !

Meerub’s Achilles heel is his inability to shut up. But the one time she needs to open her mouth and tell Ma Begum that she’s not pregnant and it’s just food poisoning, she’s still a mom. The whole situation is so stupid, it’s actually hilarious. You almost want Meerub to suffer Ma Begum’s wrath.

Why doesn’t Murtasim speak? !

Murtasim, the village bara sahab, able to make adults shudder with a single look, is unable to put his psychotic cousin in place. While he claims to love Meerub and tries to keep her happy, he also fails miserably in standing up for his wife when Haya constantly degrades her or when she constantly flirts with him. Not to mention the spooky arc of dark magic!

Also, why doesn’t he take his wife’s complaints against his cousin seriously? Haya doesn’t hold back from declaring her love for Murtasim. Why is he still entertaining her?

Why isn’t anyone taking Haya’s obsession seriously?

Has everyone forgotten that Haya literally slit her wrists the night of Murtasim’s wedding? The girl has left no stone unturned in trying to fit into her married cousin’s life and she’s not even being subtle about it! Sis needs help and sis needs to be locked up ASAP!

Watch a drama like Tere Bin will make you want to scream but will keep you on your toes until the end!