The Two Hardest Dog Breeds to Train, According to Dog Trainers

The Two Hardest Dog Breeds to Train, According to Dog Trainers

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Will Atherton shared his experience in a video posted on social media. According to him, cocker spaniels and cane corso are the most difficult-to-behave dogs.

Does a dog’s breed reveal its character? For Will Atherton, the answer is yes. British dog trainer reveals two dog breeds in a TikTok video most difficult to educateinforms an article of January 24 daily Mail Viewed by Live,


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“though pragmatist Dogs, I specialize in working with dogs when things go wrong”He claimed on Tiktok on 17 January. “Because of this, I see the same races are born Repeated, same type of performance negative behavior,

In his experience, these are Cocker Spaniel And cane corso who often develop behaviors that are difficult to manage. Why ? because they are adopted “wrong reason”,

These Aren’t “Instagram Dogs”

For example, Cockers are often mistakenly chosen to lie quietly on the couch. Sleep, this hound Is known need for physical exertion and excitement. He said that this is a breed that was bred for work. “They bring in this dog that was bred to work on the farm all day and expect him to be a couch potato, an Instagram dog”Will explained. “Because of this, they demonstrate accountability,barkingTraction, resource conservation and awesome recall.”

To Cane Corso, this italian mastiff he has one “Favourite Dog Breeds on the Planet”, Even there the owners adopt it without adopting it Know the characteristics of the breed, For the expert, his education is needed loyalty and a special experience.

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