The mainstream media is literally covering the Durham report;  dismisses as Nothingburger |

The mainstream media is literally covering the Durham report; dismisses as Nothingburger |

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The establishment media is being accused of ‘negligence’ after it rushed to dismiss Special Counsel John Durham’s report which confirmed that one of his favorite talking points – that the Trump campaign had collaborated with Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election – was wrong.

Durham’s 300-page report found the Justice Department and FBI ‘failed to fulfill their mission of strict loyalty to the law’ when they launched the Trump-Russia investigation which never found of collusion, despite liberal pundits and the press pushing the collusion narrative for years.

Jeffrey McCall, a journalism professor at DePauw University, calls the media’s lack of interest in the Durham Report “rather troubling, but not really surprising.” “The establishment media have been so duped and in the tank for the Russian collusion story for so long that they can no longer recognize the Durham report without having to eat crow along with it, which they’re clearly not willing to do that,” McCall told Fox News Digital.

Fox News contributor Joe Concha said the media’s ignoring of Durham’s report is “as predictable as the sun rising in the east” and shows that many pundits at MSNBC and CNN have no shame.

“John Durham, who has as much credibility as anyone in Washington, concludes that the FBI should never have launched this investigation and that evidence such as the Steele dossier was initially soft,” Concha told Fox News. Digital.

“Of course, everyone who insisted the Steele dossier was so believable is the same people who are now saying Durham’s conclusion is nothing short of burger,” Concha remarked. “These people have no shame and will never live up to the high standards we expect of journalists.”

Observers have noted that many Russiagate conspirators wanted to downplay any examination of its origins.

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, a CNN contributor, tried to dismiss Durham’s findings.

I strongly disagree with the characterizations of Mr. Durham’s report. “It betrays a deep misunderstanding of not only what we knew at the time, but how we make those decisions,” McCabe told Anderson Cooper.

“There’s nothing new here,” McCabe added, saying Durham never intended to conduct an honest investigation of Trump in Russia.

Joy Reid, who quoted disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok, called it “a predictable and sad ending to an investigation that should never have happened.”

Fox News contributor Ben Domenech questioned the high-level positions of McCabe and Strzok after rejecting the article. “I don’t see how any network can employ Andrew McCabe or Peter Strzok after this report,” Domenech tweeted. “The mountain of lies they told…it’s unbelievable.”

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough called it a “failure” and CNN media writer Oliver Darcy called it a “debacle” in his emotional newsletter.

“Durham’s report concluded without sending a single person to jail, well below the exaggerated expectations of the pro-Trump press,” Darcy said. “After spending millions of dollars on the years-long investigation, Durham ultimately only secured a conviction from a low-level FBI attorney who avoided jail time.”

Former top Russian prosecutor Andrew Weissmann of MSNBC called the findings “big nothing.”

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace, a hardcore Democratic Party sycophant and Russiagate fanatic, called the study a “rabbit hole conspiracy” during a panel discussion with former FBI agent Frank Figliuzzi.

“The whole Durham case is predicated on a sort of rabbit hole conspiracy that suggests Trump-Barr paranoia has infected his ability to step back and assess whether the investigation has resulted in convictions of people who wouldn’t have anything to do with any of those issues he looked at,” Wallace said. “It’s a view from so far down the rabbit hole that what needs some oversight is what Mr Durham did for four years that pushed his longtime partner Nora Dannehy away and other top DOJ prosecutors.”

Durham “failed miserably” in its report, according to Figliuzzi, who suspected an “agenda”.

“John Durham, once highly respected by hard-nosed prosecutors and someone I worked for ages ago as an intern when I was in law school, turned himself into a pretzel to try to deliver what he couldn’t deliver,” Figliuzzi said.

Wallace made her comments minutes after the large study was published, suggesting she is a fast reader or hasn’t read it.

“There’s nothing there,” CNN legal analyst Jennifer Rodgers said.

Deep State conspiracy, right? “The FBI was there to get her, they wanted to help Hillary Clinton, although apparently they didn’t do it very well, because of course she lost,” Rodgers said. That was all. LAW? FBI leaders were going to jail. No one went to jail. Durham charged two people. The trial acquitted them. It was useless. They haven’t proven this deep state conspiracy because it never existed.”

Wolf Blitzer invited D-Texas rep Veronica Escobar to repeat the left-wing talking point.

“We have spent an awful lot of money, as the US government, on a report that essentially proves no wrongdoing,” Escobar Blitzer said.

James Carville rejected Durham on MSNBC.

Durham is pitiful. Four years, millions of dollars, and how many buddies has he hired into his office to do what? To release a patently false report,” Carville told Ari Melber.

McCall criticized MSNBC and CNN for “running with a flimsy story” to promote the policy.

“This is journalism at its most sloppy form – running around with a flimsy story for months on end, and yet not having the decency to put things into perspective once a full counter-narrative emerges from Durham,” said McCall said. “This continued neglect demonstrates that too much of the establishment media has never really been interested in reporting facts, but rather in activist, agenda-based ‘journalism’ designed to push political advocacy instead of responding to information needs of a democracy.”

Newspapers promoting Russiagate said there was nothing to see here. The Durham report contained few conclusions. “The right has pulled out of the game,” headlined a New York Times.

“[T]The Republican interpretation of Durham’s final report will fuel a narrative of ‘deep state’ corruption that not only fuels Mr. Trump’s quest for the White House in 2024, but that of many of his rivals for the Republican nomination. “, reported Jonathan Weisman. “The Republican flag race was already vilifying the federal bureaucracy. Irrespective of Mr. Durham’s conclusions, his article seems to serve this tendency.

In April 2019, Special Counsel Robert Mueller concluded that the Trump campaign and Russia did not conspire to influence the 2016 election.

“This journalistic malfeasance was bad enough when it originally happened, but burying Durham’s findings now means millions of Americans will never know the Russian collusion story was baseless and that government actors were involved in its development,” added McCall. .

“Today, many Americans are still misinformed and walking around with the wrong notions in their heads, unaware of how the Russian collusion hoax has affected the political landscape for years,” he continued. “The journalism industry deserves its terrible credibility ratings and this kind of neglect condemns the industry to continued public distrust.”

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