‘The Last Of Us’ star Pedro Pascal has talked so much about Canada and it never gets old (VIDEOS)

‘The Last Of Us’ star Pedro Pascal has talked so much about Canada and it never gets old (VIDEOS)

HBO’s latest seriesThe last of us has been the hottest topic of conversation in recent weeks, as has its star Pedro Pascal

Pascal, who plays Joel Miller on the show, is pretty much a viral sensation at this point, from describing himself as a “cool naughty dad” on the red carpet to dancing with a clicker before his hosting gig. Saturday Night Live February 4.

However, Pascal also expressed his love for Canada after filming in Alberta for almost a year. The last of us.

And with the series already renewed for another season, we hope Canada will see Pascal back in the Great White North.

To celebrate the internet’s ultimate father, Pedro Pascal shares all the times he’s shown Canada a little love.

He liked the dedication of the Canadian crew


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In an interview with CTV talk at the premiere of The last of usPascal openly declared his love for Canada.

“Call Canada. I love Canada Bring me back! Pascal said.

Pascal explained what it was really like to shoot the series in Alberta and why the “powerful and dynamic physical landscape” suited the series so well, with everything from mountains, rivers, prairies and, as one might expect it, lots of snow.

He also raved about how Canadian the whole experience was.

“There was this really nice dedication from our crew that felt Canadian,” he said.

“We toured for a year and the dedication and enthusiasm never wavered.”

One city in particular was his favorite place

film for The last of us took over casting across Alberta from Calgary, Edmonton, High River, Grande Prairie, Okotoks and more. However, Pascal quickly named one place as his favorite.

Talk with Movable syrupPascal and his co-star Bella Ramsey both opened up about how much they love filming in the mountain town of Canmore, which doubled for Jackson, Wyoming.

“My favorite place we’ve been to is definitely Canmore,” Ramsey said.

“Every inch of Canmore was just this magical little town…with really good fudge,” Pascal added.

He was also open to giving the province a light roast

Chatting with host James Corden JThe Late Late Show with James Cordenalong with fellow guest Daisy Edgar-Jones, the trio definitely put some roasting on the Banff name.

Pascal talked about some of his favorite things to do in Alberta, like dining at Calgary’s Model Milk, dog sledding and visiting Lake Louise.

He also talked about his first time seeing the Northern Lights

“We drove from Calgary to Edmonton to shoot…I was a passenger in a car and I was like, ‘What is this? ‘” he told Corden.

“It was stuffed with Spielberg. One of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.

New episodes of The last of us airs Sundays on HBO and HBO Max in the US, and Canadians can watch the series on Crave.


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