The expert from E.  Jean Carroll estimates Trump defamation at .7 million

The expert from E. Jean Carroll estimates Trump defamation at $2.7 million

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E Jean Carroll and Donald Trump

E. Jean Carroll and Donald Trump (lr: AP Photos by Seth Wenig and Evan Vucci)

For the first time in years of litigation, the legal team at E. Jean Carroll has finally released an estimate of what she will ask a jury to award her client in defamation damages if he finds out that former President Donald Trump raped her and lied about it: up to $2.7. million.

This figure was calculated by Ashley Humphreys, a professor at the prestigious Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

Humphreys put that figure at the high end of the reputational damage spectrum for Carroll because of Trump’s Truth Social message, describing his accusations as a “hoax” and a “lie.” Humphreys’ lower estimate for damage to Carroll’s reputation is $368,183.78, and the accurate upper figure is $2,763,107.82.

That’s a far cry from the total universe of civil damages Trump could be held liable for if a jury finds in Carroll’s favor.

Former federal prosecutor Mitchell Epner, who now practices media law as an associate of Rottenberg Lipman Rich PC, pointed out that many other categories remain unresolved.

“Professor Humphreys’ testimony was only libel damages, what it would cost to buy as much publicity as Trump’s statements received,” Epner told Law&Crime. “This does not include damages for the alleged rape or damages for lost earnings due to bad publicity.”