The Chick Knows What Will Happen Next

The Chick Knows What Will Happen Next

according to statistics people in the
u.s devote 15 to 29 of their lives to
education that means spending roughly 23
years studying but this is the privilege
of human beings when it comes to
wildlife spending so much time studying
simply makes no sense for example birds
only need 10 days to teach their
offspring which will become the toughest
period in the life of a check
the chicks enjoy a perfect life in the
nest they get food delivered straight to
their mouth have a warm reliable shelter
and no chores a real paradise but there
comes a time when the chick is simply
kicked out until recently parents were
ready to do everything for their
offspring and now they’re imposing rules
and no this is not a division of
household chores like wash the dishes to
get some pocket money in the wild
everything is tougher get out of the
nest and then you’ll get some food the
chick knows only one thing for sure at a
certain time its parent arrives with
food each time the mother bird sits
farther from the nest forcing the chick
to leave the nest to get food each trip
like that is immensely risky because a
chick that still does not know how to
fly may fall to the ground to avoid this
it instinctively starts flapping its
wings and it usually helps another way
of bird parenting is even more radical
they simply push the chick out of the
nest so that it can learn to fly it came
back well done you’ll get some food but
for now let’s try it again back again
let’s repeat one more time mom dad i’m
back oh god he’s back again but why do
birds have to be so harsh if people
taught their children to walk the same
way we’d most likely have died out long
ago just imagine they forced you to walk
along the edge of a cliff for some treat
but in the animal kingdom this is a
usual practice is this some kind of
bestial cruelty of course not all that
parent birds want to do is trigger the
instincts each chick is born with a set
of basic skills necessary for survival
adults use them every day they fly walk
jump get food but a chick that just
hatched needs to switch these skills on
the sooner this happens the better
actually this works in a similar way
when it comes to humans according to
research our ability to walk is
programmed by nature and even a child
who’s never been taught how to do it
will somehow figure it out on his own if
of course he sees an example to follow
like other people who move on two legs
without an example a small kid may never
think of bipedal walking something like
this happens to feral children who grow
up in social isolation when animals are
around them since an early age children
begin to imitate them because they have
no other behavioral pattern to follow in
short you don’t get to choose also if a
kid is not exposed to human speech he
simply can’t learn to speak at an early
age it’s much more difficult and
sometimes almost impossible to do it at
a later age in short the only thing bird
parents want is to make their children
independent as soon as possible when
you’re constantly at risk of falling
from a tree while trying to reach food
the ability to fly activates very
quickly but why do they have to do that
in the first place i mean if the animal
is already born with all the functions
necessary for life why activate them as
soon as possible sooner or later it’ll
happen anyway the answer turned out to
be quite simple birds have no time while
the average life expectancy of a man in
developed countries can reach 78 years
nature has been less generous to
songbirds most of them might live seven
to ten years and some barely survive to
three in such conditions you have to
hurry either you learn quickly or you
die a songbird in the wild has about a
25 chance of making it to its first
birthday and a 50 chance to survive to
the second one in short they have no
recruits we don’t have much time today
i’ll teach you how to fly do somersaults
disassemble and assemble a nuclear
reactor in five minutes let’s go in fact
if i were a bird i’d be frustrated why
do people live so long while we live so
little not fair what do you say in your
defense nature well it has an answer the
aging of the body is caused by death or
disruption in the work of cells when
we’re young the cells in our body are
constantly renewed and replaced but as
we age this process slows down in
addition old cells no longer do their
job as well as young ones moreover turns
out the smaller the creature the faster
it ages i’ve already mentioned in one of
my videos that cell regeneration
required too much time and energy to be
launched in small organisms as a result
some butterflies may live for a couple
of days in turtles for more than 100
years it’s very difficult to argue with
what is written in your dna and research
shows that’s where the lifespan of each
species is recorded for example mammoths
could probably live around 60 years if
no one ate them along the way the
african bullfrog is destined to spend
19.8 years on the planet as for humans
judging by the dna of neanderthals they
could only live for 37.8 years but
modern people are not so different from
them according to the source code of our
body our life expectancy should be only
38 years i just checked on average
people in developed countries live twice
as long but how’s that even possible did
we just tell nature to go to hell with
its laws well you could put it that way
people have become the exception to the
rule advances in medicine a comfortable
lifestyle and knowledge about everything
that can be harmful to us have allowed
us to increase life expectancy if this
all was available to the african
bullfrog it’d show us what long life
really means unfortunately the
intelligence of animals does not allow
them to rebel against their dna yet so
they have to look for other ways to
prolong life or at least avoid death
take koalas for example everyone knows
they eat eucalyptus but the problem is
that it’s a pretty toxic plant adult
animals have immunity which allows them
to digest the leaves without any harm
but koala cubs are born without this
immunity they have to develop it so
koala mothers came up with a smart
solution they feed their offspring their
feces which contain special bacteria
later these bacteria allow the offspring
to easily digest the eucalyptus without
worrying about its toxicity that’s a
nice way to start the morning honey
breakfast is ready
when will it end
even the weirdest things animals do to
their offspring are supposed to protect
them yes their actions may seem too
harsh sometimes after all why can’t you
just give a baby koala tiny portions of
eucalyptus why act so um
radically well apparently this is very
effective even the birds that kick their
grown chicks out of the nest to explore
the big world seem to care about safety
that is the safety of younger chicks the
older the chick becomes the more noise
it makes and the greater the risk a
predator will discover the nest in order
not to lose the entire brood parents
have to drop hints to their elder chicks
it’s about time they lived separately
you know many can relate to that but
sometimes it seems like animals do not
know anything about parental love at all
yes they have instincts to protect their
offspring but other than that maybe some
of them are just raising a replacement
or even trying their best to create an
entire army this is much more logical
than it might seem for example if there
are more lionesses in the pride then the
hunt will become more successful the
area will grow too unfortunately i
didn’t find any information about animal
armies formed from cubs but there are
creatures that really lack parental love
they give birth to offspring to feed on
it later and i’m not talking about
cannibalism among mammals the tropical
ants amblyoponene are called dracula
ants for a reason their mouths can’t
choose solid food to get nutrients
worker ants in the colony harvest the
larvae drink their blood and then
regurgitate the contents for the queen
yummy but the most amazing thing is that
the larvae survive this although they
bear the scars for the rest of their
lives fortunately the memory of ants
doesn’t retain the events that happen
very early in their childhood and this
is clearly for the best do you want to
know how i got these scars
me too however aside from these cases of
very strange parenting many animals
actually love their cubs darwin wrote
about this and modern scientists have
noticed that mother love gives the
offspring advantages for example red
deer who were cared for by mothers
throughout their childhood grow longer
antlers and longer antlers improve the
likelihood of mating success so some
animals do their best to help their
children and they’re so good at it the
offspring simply don’t leave the
parental home yes while people consider
it’s cool not to live with parents the
opposite is true in the wild many
species of birds and mammals allow their
juveniles to stay in the parents
territory and help sometimes for the
rest of their lives first it helps avoid
competition and stay safe and second
well there’s also inheritance to
consider everything the light touches
is our kingdom
mere cats chimps some birds of the
blackbird family all of them can inherit
a home along with an excellent territory
after the death of their parents and
squirrels don’t just leave a hollow to
their offspring sometimes they also
leave them larders of food they hid
around the land for a squirrel mother
death isn’t when she transfers her
estate at a certain age she simply
leaves them everything she owned and
then goes off on a journey perhaps to
rivendell see the elves
see you later

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