The 3 best trading targets for Kyle Lowry

The 3 best trading targets for Kyle Lowry

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Kyle Lowry has been one of basketball’s most influential point guards for most of his career. The Miami Heat bet they would retain that honor by taking over Lowry from the Toronto Raptors ahead of last season in hopes he could be the final piece of the championship puzzle being built around Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo.

But Lowry followed an injury-plagued season in 2022-23, averaging 12 points and 5.3 assists per game, shooting an ugly 39.6% from the field while battling lingering knee pain. He was less involved in coach Erik Spoelstra’s offensive plans due to pipe issues and was even benched in the fourth quarter of some tight games.

At 36, Lowry is well past his prime but is still receiving $28 million this year and $29 million next season. That kind of tied up cash might be hard to move before the Feb. 9 close, but those three goals could benefit Lowry immensely on the court regardless.

3.LA Mowers

The LA Clippers are the first veteran team to max out Kyle Lowry’s remains.

They needed help establishing their offense as they sit 23rd in the offense standings, which is unacceptable for any team looking to challenge for a championship. In their Thursday night game against the Milwaukee Bucks, their half-court offense was abysmal, a problem a composed tabledecker like Lowry could very well solve.

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are elite scorers and notable defenders, but they are not generals on the pitch. Even though Lowry’s scoring numbers are down, he doesn’t need to score as many points in the Los Angeles system because the team has a surplus of roster scorers. The Clippers would certainly benefit from his skills as a playmaker and the commendable leadership he has shown throughout his career.

2. Dallas Mavericks

After losing Jalen Brunson in the offseason, the Mavericks looked for another plan maker alongside Luka Doncic and Spencer Dinwiddie. Lowry would fit that bill because he can play behind Doncic and Dinwiddie during the regular season, keeping him in the playoffs for more high-leverage minutes.

Compared to his role in Miami as a lead guard, Lowry has become more of a mentor to Doncic and the rest of the crew. His defense would also be crucial given that the Mavs full-back relies heavily on Reggie Bullock and Josh Green. Dallas has the salary fillers to deliver to Miami and needs a refresh with a loaded roster.

1. Minnesota Timber Wolves

It’s a viable and plausible path for the Minnesota Timberwolves to get away from D’Angelo Russell. It’s been shown that Russell isn’t an ideal long-term fit alongside Anthony Edwards in the backcourt, so Lowry could be a bridge to the Timberwolves playmaker of the future. He’s a great passer, unlocking Rudy Gobert with timely lobs and feeding Karl Anthony-Towns in perfect spots when he returns from his calf injury.

Kyle Lowry would be Minnesota’s fourth or fifth offensive option, no problem for a player whose coaches have had to beg to shoot more at various points in his career. The Gobert and Towns tandem on the approach is questionable, but the organization depends on gigantic contracts with the two boys. Wolves can still pick up additional games to help the big star men better complement each other, a role Lowry is very well suited to.


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