Texas Man, 22, shoots and kills his girlfriend for having an abortion

Texas Man, 22, shoots and kills his girlfriend for having an abortion

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What an awful story. Really beautiful. By Jezebel:

A 22-year-old Texas man was arrested Wednesday night for fatally shooting his 26-year-old girlfriend as she traveled to Colorado for an abortion, according to the Dallas Morning News reported Friday. The man, Harold Thompson, shot his partner, Gabriella Gonzalez, in a parking lot in the West Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas the day after he returned from a trip for his abortion, police say.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit obtained by the Dallas Morning News, the Dallas Police Department reviewed surveillance footage that shows Thompson and Gonzalez walking together and arguing shortly before the shooting. In the gruesome footage, Thompson assaults and tries to put Gonzalez in a chokehold, but she pushes him away and they continue walking together. Then, Thompson pulls out a gun, shoots Gonzalez in the head, and shoots her multiple times after she falls to the ground.

The arrest warrant affidavit notes that Thompson was allegedly the one who impregnated Gonzalez. He disapproved of her abortion, and court records obtained by the newspaper indicate he shot her because of it. In addition to his murder charge, Thompson would also face an assault charge against a family member, the Dallas Morning News reports.

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