Taylor Swift Appointed Mayor of Tampa for a Day & Given Key to the City – Married Biography

Taylor Swift Appointed Mayor of Tampa for a Day & Given Key to the City – Married Biography

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Taylor Swift named mayor of Tampa for a day and given key to the city

Source: US Weekly

  • Tampa Bay Mayor Jane Castor offered Taylor Swift the job of mayor for the day and handed her the keys to the city.
  • Swift has three shows at Raymond James Stadium starting April 13.

Jane Castro presented Taylor Swift with the key to the city and the title of mayor for the day

Tampa Mayor Jane Castor has made special arrangements for Taylor Swift’s upcoming three-night performances at Raymond James Stadium. In a video posted to Twitter Monday, the mayor greeted the singer and congratulated her as Swifties eagerly waited to see how Tampa would welcome the singer.

In the minute-long video, she said,

“Hey Taylor, it’s Mayor Jane Castor. We’re so excited to welcome you to Tampa.”

She said she wanted to do things better than other towns when Taylor came to town:

“We know Glendale changed its name, Arlington made a street sign and Vegas lit up its Gateway Arches, but here in Tampa we have a reputation to uphold. We want to go bigger. So I want to introduce you to a key to the city.

Moreover, she also invited the singer to be the honorary mayor of the city for a day. She opened a wooden box containing a key and said:

“Mayor Swift has a nice ring. We look forward to welcoming you and your fans to Tampa (Taylor’s Version),” the current mayor added with a wink.

They also captioned the post:

“#TAMPA are you ready? We have a reputation to uphold!! Tag @taylorswift13 if you agree ‘Mayor Swift’ sounds great.”

The mayor of Tampa gave him the key to the city
The mayor of Tampa gave him the key to the city (Source: MyHighPlans)

Fans have mixed reactions to the news

As soon as the videos were posted on Instagram, it exploded and fans were quick to share their views. Some were happy, some weren’t.

One fan joked:

“Joe Biden should invite her to be president for the rest of her term.”

A second fan was happy:

“It’s his world and we just live in it (red heart emoji)”.

Another explained the significance of Swift’s concert:

“Taylor’s tour benefits the cities where she performs. It’s the biggest event of the year. hotels, motels, restaurants, bars, etc. make more profit. That’s why cities honor and welcome Taylor as Queen.

However, some were not happy with the news. A user wrote:

“Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.”

Another pointed to the lack of gay rights in Tampa and asked Taylor to refuse:

“She should decline…!” If she is an ally of the LGBT+ community, she will not participate with a state that does not allow us to be ourselves. #Don’tSayGay #gayrights #humanrights @taylorswift declines the offer.

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Taylor Swift’s Full Era Tour Set List

Taylor Swift began her first tour concert since 2018 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona on March 17.

She performed a total of 44 songs and showed her versatility during her 17-year career. The show turned out amazing and left its fans very happy and wanting more.

Taylor kicked off his Eras Tour in Glendale
Taylor kicked off his Eras tour in Glendale (Source: The Globe and Mail)

The Eras Tour pays tribute to his music over the years and will continue for the next five months. Here is the full setlist:

  1. “Miss Americana and Prince Heartbreak”

  2. “Cruel Summer”

  3. “The man”

  4. “You need to calm down, you need to calm down”

  5. “Lover”

  6. “The Archer”

  7. “Intrepid”

  8. “You belong With Me”

  9. “Love story”

  10. “It’s the fucking season”

  11. “Willow”

  12. “Marjorie”

  13. “Champagne Problems”

  14. “tolerate it”

  15. “Ready for this?”

  16. “Delicate”

  17. “Don’t Blame Me”

  18. “Look what you made me do”

  19. “Delighted”

  20. “22”

  21. “We will never get back together”

  22. “I knew you were trouble”

  23. “Too Good (10 Minute Version)”

  24. “Invisible Chain”

  25. “Betty”

  26. “The Last Great American Dynasty”

  27. “August”

  28. “Illicit Business”

  29. “My tears ricochet”

  30. “Cardigan”

  31. “Style”

  32. “Empty space”

  33. “Shake”

  34. “Wildest Dreams”

  35. “Bad blood”

  36. “Mirrorball”

  37. “Tim McGraw”

  38. “Lavender Haze”

  39. “Anti-hero”

  40. “Midnight Rain”

  41. “Vigilante S—”

  42. “Bejeweled”

  43. “Brain”

  44. “Karma”

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