A 30-minute story in which Syria was terrified of a famous actor who complained

Just 30 minutes was enough to turn sadness into joy in Syria, which was already tired of the hell of war weighing on its shoulders.

The story began after the well-known Syrian artist Hani Shaheen appeared in a television interview where he complained about the dire situation.

He explained that his financial conditions have become very difficult, stressing that he and his wife have lived on oil and thyme for a month.

“I haven’t tasted fruit in a year”

He added, “20 days, by God Almighty, we live on thyme, oil and fruits that I have not known in a year.”

Regarding his health condition, Shaheen revealed that he is suffering from a hearing problem that cannot be resolved due to lack of blood in the brain and heart.

And he said in Syrian dialect, “I’m getting into debt, and I’ve reached a point where I can’t afford it anymore because the debt increased and I sold my car.

The Syrian artist also explained that his salary was 25 thousand, while a kilo of meat was 15 thousand, and wondered: “How does the artist want to live the rest of his life if he earns 900 pounds for an egg?”

And as soon as exactly 30 minutes had passed since the episode was shown, the host media announced that many contacts had reached him and offered help to the famous artist.

The journalist explained the most important news, which is that the artist will participate in the old Ramadan with artwork, emphasizing that many production companies have contacted him for this purpose.

Many well-known and famous artists and personalities from the Syrian society also published the story of the artist and expressed their sympathy for him, until it became a conversation in the circles in the last few hours.

famous artist

It is noteworthy that Shaheen participated in many well-known radio, theater and television productions, most notably: “Mirrors”, “I Want a Millionaire”, “How May God Help Us”, “Bab Al-Hara” and many others .

He also has great public love in the Syrian and artistic circles.

His appearance caused much grief on social media, until it ended with the announcement of a solution to the crisis.

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