Edmonton’s music scene is in shock after Station on Jasper closes

Edmonton’s music scene suffered a major blow late last week after the Jasper station abruptly shut down forever.

The venue, which has been open for five years, posted a message on its website and social media pages on Friday afternoon announcing the closure.

“Many great musicians have shared their talents on our stages with many Edmontonians – and we are proud to have been a part of them,” read a statement on the venue’s website.

“We’ve worked hard to reopen after all the Covid closures, but it’s been a tough race.”

Artists and residents expressed their disappointment on social networks:

One of the few mid-sized venues in Edmonton, Station on Jasper has been a major venue for touring and aspiring Canadian musicians.

The Station on Jasper opened in June 2018 in the space that once housed the Needle Vinyl Tavern, which was closed following allegations of sexual assault and harassment against one of the owners.

Several upcoming Juno-related events that were scheduled to take place at this location have now been postponed.


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Jasper station in Edmonton suddenly closes

Station on Jasper, a music venue in downtown Edmonton, announced it was closing.

The venue, which has been open for five years, posted a message on its social media on Friday afternoon, saying in part, “We have worked hard to reopen after all of the COVID closures, but it has been a tough journey.

Our team is working to find homes for future shows. Unfortunately, some instances where ticket refunds are issued may be waived.

CBC has contacted Station on Jasper for further comment, but has received no response at the time of publication.

The venue had shows scheduled over the next few weeks, including concerts for the Road the Junos concert series.

Jo Johnson, lead singer and guitarist of local band River Poets, said the closure was a loss for Edmonton’s music community.

“It really felt like a punch in the stomach yesterday,” he said in an interview on Saturday.

River Poets played their first show at Station on Jasper in October and said it was great working with them. Johnson praised the staff’s professionalism and attention to detail.

The band was scheduled to play there next month.

“These guys don’t just book people and they bring music to communities, they bring people together where they feel it’s going to be a cohesive show, and that’s great. We really enjoyed that,” Johnson said.

He added that the person who booked them for that first show also contacted other venues and encouraged them to book River Poets.

“We need more of these sites, not less,” Johnson said.

Brian Fauteux, associate professor of popular music and media studies at the University of Alberta, said the loss of medium-sized venues was a big blow for small bands.

“It’s something Edmonton doesn’t have too much of,” he said in an interview Saturday.

Fauteux said The Station and Starlite Room are two examples of medium-sized venues in the city.

“And when you’re older, you kind of have it [the Edmonton Convention Centre] or something like birthday. But having these medium-sized venues is really important for a lot of bands that might be touring Canada,” he said.


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Station Eleven is getting a Blu-ray if it ever gets booted by HBO

Photo: Ian Watson/HBO Max

In this era of “Of course it’s still streaming on HBO Max…but for how longIt’s wise to resort to physical media to ensure you always have access to your favorite shows and movies. With that in mind, good news for HBO Max fans. station eleventhere were plenty, though the show didn’t quite become a pop culture sensation on the level of the Emily St. John Mandel book that inspired it.

Maybe a home release will help change that, especially since HBO Max hasn’t announced anything about a second season yet. According to a press release, the home version of station eleven– in 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD formats – will be released on February 21, with the entire first season on three discs, but unfortunately without extras.

Here is what station eleven it is, in case you need a reminder:

A post-apocalyptic saga spanning multiple timelines, this limited drama series tells the stories of survivors of a devastating flu as they seek to rebuild and reinvent the world while capturing the best of what has been lost. Based on the international bestseller of the same name by Emily St. John Mandel, station eleven Stars Mackenzie Davis, Himesh Patel, Lori Petty, David Wilmot and Daniel Zovatto, with performances from Gael Garcia Bernal, Danielle Deadwyler, David Cross and more.

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