Samsung is (finally) releasing a fix for its 980 PRO SSDs

According to Paget Systems, the problems users are facing are related to the 3B2QGXA7 firmware and will be specifically related to 980 PRO 2TB SSDs, although other models may be affected by an issue that is characterized by a greater number of errors on SSDs.

Some users, especially on the Reddit platform, mention more than 6,000 errors on an SSD less than a year old, as well as an SSD that, after more than 32,000 errors, got stuck read-only. The root cause of these errors is not clear but it seems to be firmware related. The problem is, once the SSD is affected, it is not possible to restore it.

If there is no question of reviving the SSD, then the new firmware released by Samsung should generally prevent new errors from appearing. This is the 5B2QGXA7 version. If your 980 PRO has firmware 3B2QGXA7, we can’t recommend updating it sooner.

This update has been done through Samsung Magician software. Be careful not to scan the SSD before launching it, as this also leads to the appearance of errors. Finally, note that 980 PROs with firmware 4B2QGXA7 and 5B2QGXA7 are not affected by the issue.