Intel is slashing the prices of its Alder Lake processors

It’s hard to understand what’s going through the minds of Intel’s decision makers at this point. A while back, we learned that the Blues were going to increase the prices of 12th generation CPUs… but in fact, a new rumor indicates that the opposite is happening. According to industry sources, Intel is going to cut the price of up to 20% on its Alder Lake CPUs. A drop that will affect all references including the largest versions.

Finally, the drop in prices for the Alder Lake range?

Behind this new strategy you have to read in between and understand what is happening in the market. In fact, late last year, Intel increased the “recommended customer price” of its Alder Lake CPUs. Officially, the price of the Core i9-12900K has gone up from $589 to $649, albeit a very theoretical increase. However, this increase is not reflected in the final selling price found in commerce. Several explanations are possible for understanding the situation. Firstly the shares are still present at the old price. Volumes are struggling to pick up going forward given the sluggish demand. Finally, the position of resellers who suspect that, given the situation, the hike won’t really help…

to project myself a little and take a few shots at the comet, @harukaze5719 Split a smaller table that maps this price drop to the entire Alder Lake range. Note that we are obviously on pure speculation at this point. However, before the euphoria is over, some manufacturers realize that only a significant drop in prices will spur consumption and renewal of existing equipment.