Introducing The Wolf Cut’s Little Sister, The ‘Cub Cut’ (And How To Get The Raised Bob)

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SISTER ACT: Degrassi’s Lea Thompson and Stacey Farber team up for new mystery series

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‘Back to the Future’ star still wants to direct ‘Howard the Duck’ sequel

Lea Thompson and Stacey Farber star in CTV’s The Spencer Sisters. Photo by CTV

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Lea Thompson will be the first to admit that you can’t fake chemistry.

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So it was a coincidence that she and Degrassi: the next generation Stacey Farber was able to bond so quickly before playing mother and daughter on CTVs The Spencer Sistersa Winnipeg-filmed procedural in which Thompson stars as a mysterious writer who teams up with his ex-cop daughter (played by Farber) to solve crimes.

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After last night’s debut, the duo (who everyone thinks are sisters) find themselves trying to solve the death of a CEO’s fiancé in next week’s episode.

“Actors have to establish intimacy very quickly, and sometimes that just doesn’t work,” Thompson says over a video call. “But when I first read with her, I had a feeling it was going to be awesome. It’s just a magical thing that sometimes happens when you adore someone like I adore them.

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Thompson did not retire from Hollywood. But after a career that began in the 80s with a slew of box office hits, including the Back to the future trilogy and continued into the 90s with the television sitcom Carolina in townThe now 61-year-old actress was unhappy with the roles offered.

“Women my age often get really bad roles that aren’t interesting or funny,” Thompson says candidly.

Stacey Farber and Lea Thompson in a scene from The Spencer Sisters. Photo by CTV

That changed when we handed him the script The Spencer Sisters. Victoria’s quick-witted character was the first to be introduced to Thompson in some time, prompting her to take a break from her career behind the camera, where she made a name for herself as a director.

“I got into directing because I couldn’t get good roles like Victoria The Spencer Sisterssaid Thompson with a small laugh. “Now a lot of people are angry that I play.”

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With Farber on a weekday morning, Thompson talked more about the new series, pitching it to Marvel for a howard the duck reboot and what Back to the Future II the prediction surprised her the most.

You are no stranger to television. What was it The Spencer Sisters did that make you say yes?

Thomas: “I was offered the script and it’s wonderful not to have to audition (laughs). But I knew mysteries are very popular with people because I made them Jane Doe Mysteries for Hallmark Channel many years ago. They still play them and people watch them and they love them. So I thought it would be a chance to do a show that could be a hit on TV for a while. This is the dream. Not having to audition and having a safe place where you have family to work with for a minute or two.

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Stacey Farber and Lea Thompson in a scene from The Spencer Sisters. Photo by CTV

color: “I loved that it was a procedure with a new case every week. It’s comedic and light and lighthearted and it’s an exploration between a mother and her daughter working together.

You shot the series in Winnipeg. What was the city’s hidden gem?

Thomas: “Cibo Waterfront Cafe. The restaurant is right by the river and the food is delicious.

color: “Mine would be Lake Winnipeg in Matlock. We drove out and just hung out on the dock.

Lea, your character is a crime novelist. What books are on your bedside table right now?

Thomas: (laughs) “I only read scripts.”

color: “I read a lot. I’ve been in Brooklyn for a few months and joined the library there, and you know how not to shop when you’re hungry? That’s how I feel at the library. I I’ve put out 28 books and it’s so useless. Really, I should stick to one or two at a time.

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Thomas: “In my defence, I have just led two[episodes]of The Goldbergs and I will direct an episode soon Foreign resident.

color: “I’d rather direct TV shows than take 28 books from the library.”

Lea, I loved it howard the duck Movie you made when I was a kid. Did you go to Marvel and set them up for a reboot?

Thomas: “I have! I had a meeting at Marvel. I wanted to do a different kind of directing howard the duck Movie. I directed an episode of (DC’s). star girl, which all had special effects kids — lots of Marvel-esque stuff. I also did an episode of Star Trek: Picard to prove it: “Yes, I can handle a big budget. So I pitched it to Marvel, and the fans want it. But they didn’t call me back. They said, ‘We will remember.’ But they have long plans for things.

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Lea Thompson in a scene from Howard the Duck. Photo by Universal

color: (laughs) “They figured out the next 50 years.”

Stacey, you were there Degrassi As Ellie Nash for eight seasons. Why do you think this show has survived so many iterations?

color: “It wasn’t slick or shiny…And it dealt with the issues in a real way. We’ve heard from so many people over the years, and they’ve really connected with the toughest scenarios we’ve dealt with. But we also didn’t have social media in our generation – as actors or characters. If kids love it now, maybe it has a nostalgic feel to them.

Lea, you’ve probably all been asked that Back to the future question in the book. But look Back to the Future II – which took place in 2015 – which technological prediction surprised you the most when it came true?

Thomas: “I knew flying cars weren’t going to be popular. Nobody wants their car to fly. Everyone is a little afraid to leave the ground. Maybe the (video call) thing was smart enough. A lot of people didn’t think it would happen and that’s how we live now.

The Spencer Sisters airs Fridays on CTV. Past episodes are available to stream on and the CTV app.

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