Stocks rise after rate decision… and surprise reversals in gold and dollar trends by

© Reuters. – US stocks opened significantly higher today after the open, a day after , and minutes after interest rates.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s speech on progress in reducing inflation reinforced bets on a slower slowdown in the US economy.

While both the dollar and gold reversed their trends during these moments of the day’s trade, after the dollar remained a loser for most of the day’s trade, it is now rising sharply, and gold turned lower after its gains during the day’s trade reached 1.8%.

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interest decision

The European Central Bank announced the interest rate decision a while ago, raising it by 50% to reach 3%, in line with experts’ expectations, as the bank seeks to control prices through a growing increase in European interest rates, heralding a severe recession in the coming period.

With this increase, the European Central Bank – along with the Bank of England, which raised interest rates by 50 basis points to reach 4% a short time ago – is following in the footsteps of its US Federal counterpart, which raised yesterday, Wednesday, as widely expected, after raising it by 50 points in the previous week. In December last year, after four consecutive 75 basis point hikes, the benchmark rate moved to a range of 4.50% to 4.75%, the highest level since 2007.

gloomy view

Mike Wilson, chief strategist at Morgan Stanley, warned markets of underperforming US stocks; Driven by the possibility that the somewhat strong performance in the US stock market in the recent period is temporary, due to the pessimistic results of US corporate financial statements.

The economist added that the latest financial statements of some US companies are considered to be some of the worst results in a long time. This casts a negative shadow over the development of the US stock market in the coming period, alongside a television interview with Bloomberg yesterday, Wednesday.

The analyst decried some people’s belief that companies were reporting better financial results than markets had feared. In the wake of the turmoil in US stocks last year; He reasoned that these disappointing results could have negative repercussions on the US stock market.

markets now

Wall Street at the opening

U.S. stocks jumped at the open on Thursday, with the Nasdaq index up 2 percent as Meta (NASDAQ: ) platform shares rose thanks to the implementation of strict cost controls.

The Nasdaq Composite Index rose 248.83 points, or 2.11 percent, to 12,065.15 points.

The industrial index rose 36.34 points, or 0.11 percent, to 34,129.30 points.

While the index increased by 39.47 points, or 0.96 percent, to 4,158.68 points.

gold now

It fell in the current moments to levels near $1919 an ounce, down 1.5%.

On the other hand, futures for the yellow metal fell during these moments of the day’s trading, at levels near 1934 dollars an ounce, a decrease of about 0.55%.

dollars now

Currently, it rose sharply to the levels of 101,697 points.

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Urgent, a new and scary change in the exchange rate of the Saudi riyal against the Egyptian pound on the black market (a list of the latest exchange rates)

According to the latest updates of the exchange rate map of the Egyptian state, we find that today we are witnessing an increase in the price of the dollar in various banks, which on the other hand is matched by a clear indication of the rise in the black market exchange rates in Egypt for various currencies, which is reflected in the prices of goods and products, and the most important question now comes to which indicator the dollar will rise, here are the main details.

Black market exchange rates today in Egypt

Regarding the official exchange rates of the Central Bank of Egypt for the dollar, the price of the purchase was estimated at about 32.30 Egyptian pounds for the buying process and 32.50 for the selling process.

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The price of the dollar today on the black market

    • The price of the dollar against the Egyptian pound today on the black market starts from thirty pounds to about 34 pounds, so we find that
    • The highest price of the dollar today on the black market has reached about thirty-four pounds.
    • Regarding exchange rates in Egypt on the black market, we find that the buying price of the Saudi Riyal is estimated at around £8.71, while the selling price is estimated at around £8.98.

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What is the price of the dollar today in banks?

Its price was estimated at 32.30 Egyptian pounds for the buying process and 32.50 for the selling process.

What is the price of the dollar today on the black market?

The black market price was estimated at around thirty pounds, down to around £34.

What is the price of the Saudi riyal on the black market?

The buying price for the Saudi riyal is estimated at around £8.55, while the selling price is estimated at around £8.59.

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