5 Recruits Michigan is on the Rise for the Recruiting Class of 2024

Michigan’s rookie class of 2024 is off to a strong start and only looks to get stronger as the recruiting cycle continues.

As of this writing, the Wolverines have a top-10 rookie class and are in a strong position to add even more talented prospects to the mix.

Let’s take a look at five prospects the Wolverines have signed well over the past few weeks.

1. Aaron Chiles

The Wolverines, who recently visited the campus, put themselves in a strong position for 2024 linebacker Aaron Chiles. The Maryland prospect bonded with the coaching staff early on and was impressed with what the football program had to offer.

With another visit on the horizon, the Wolverines could see themselves climbing the rankings to sign the Chileans.

2. Bryce West

Bryce West, a recruiting war that sounds like an old-school Michigan State-Ohio recruiting war, comes from a recent visit to Ann Arbor that left quite an impression.

Not only that, the bond he forms with Steve Clinkscale is very strong. West hears the din of the Wolverines’ relaunched Ohio State recruiting efforts, and many Ohio natives in his ear want him to play for the Wolverines.

Seems like he’s mostly receptive.

3. Ben Roebuck

Another Ohio prospect, the Wolverines are in a prime position for the four-star offensive lineman. After another positive visit to campus, where he spent time bonding with the four-star pledge and fellow Ohio native Luke Hamilton, Roebuck notes what makes the Wolverines program so appealing to play.

FutureCast’s current predictions are that Roebuck leans towards the Wolverines.

4.Brian Robinson

Surprise, surprise, another perspective from Ohio. With this recruiting led by the likes of Clinkscale, Robinson feels a love for the UM program and the interest is sure to be reciprocated.

Robinson is suggested as another Ohio prospect to leave the state for the Wolverines. After another recent successful visit, it wouldn’t be a shock for UM to top their list.

FutureCast’s current predictions show Robinson trending toward UM.

5.Jadyn Davis

The big fish and potential gem of the 2024 recruiting class, the Wolverines’ pursuit for the five-star quarterback hasn’t faltered even with the departure of Matt Weiss.

With discussions of possible visits elsewhere, Jim Harbaugh was the main recruiter in this case and will be the main reason Davis ends up in Ann Arbor or decides to go elsewhere.

The Davis family really loves the UM program, and the feeling is reciprocated through the football program itself.

With Kirk Campbell now working on this rookie, can the quarterback’s energetic new coach help calm things down and help the Wolverines close the deal?

FutureCast’s current predictions show that Davis is still biased in favor of UM.

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