Moving stocks after hours: Lyft, Expedia, PayPal

light (LYFT)

Lyft sees revenue of around $975 million in the first quarter. That forecast was lower than analysts’ median estimate of $1.09 billion. The ridesharing company’s fourth-quarter revenue rose 21% year-over-year to $1.18 billion, beating expectations of $1.16 billion. The company’s adjusted net loss of $270.8 million increased from a loss of $90.2 million in the same quarter a year ago.

Lyft stock fell 19% after the close of business.

PayPal (PYPL)

Shares of PayPal rose after the payments company released its fourth quarter results. Separately, PayPal has announced that Chairman and CEO Dan Schulman will retire on December 31 this year. Schulman will continue to serve on the board and the company will seek a successor.

PayPal’s total payment volume for the fourth quarter of $357.38 billion was below analysts’ median estimate of $365.41 billion. Net sales of $7.38 billion were up 6.7% year over year and came close to expectations of $7.4 billion.

PayPal’s adjusted earnings per share of $1.24 beat Wall Street analysts’ estimate of $1.20.

Expedia (EXPE)

Expedia shares fell after the travel company reported fourth-quarter revenue of $2.62 billion, below Wall Street expectations of $2.71 billion. Expedia’s adjusted earnings per share of $1.26 also missed estimates of $1.77.

The company said last quarter results were negatively impacted by weather-related issues, but demand was otherwise strong.

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User spends 9 hours building his first gaming PC, and after it fails to turn on, the solution is obvious: Throw it out the window

News JVTech User spends 9 hours building his first gaming PC, and after it fails to turn on, the solution is obvious: Throw it out the window

To share :

Building your first desktop gaming PC can be very satisfying and yet very frustrating. A simple bug or badly connected cable and you spend hours searching for a solution. Exactly the same happened with a user of Reddit.

disappointment is stronger than satisfaction

This is an actual lesson that just came up on Reddit under the user’s nickname

, Many people love building PCs and solving problems, including me, Others end up discouraged and unable to move on.

Thus, after more than 9 hours of assembling his desktop gaming PC, the user decided that there was only one solution left: throw it out the window, Just before doing the unthinkable, he apparently shared his frustration on Reddit.

That’s where the community came to the rescue to give him hope and his computer finally turned on. So we can read his message on reddit which shows the extent of his pain ,

I spent 9 hours trying to assemble and reassemble my first gaming PC and it would not start. I followed online manuals and tutorials. At this point, I’d honestly get more satisfaction throwing this thing off the third floor of my apartment and trying to break it than trying to make it work.

a bug often plays for nothing

Too often, when we find ourselves facing such a situation, we look for complicated solutions. Sometimes you have to go back to basics to fix a bug. A common case is someone who hasn’t fully plugged in the cable to the power supply.

in the matter of content-map-5733, The first thing was to make a diagnosis the next day with a clear head. It was then that the problem proposals were inserted. This ranged from a simple bad connection to the computer completely falling apart.

For him, unplugging and reconnecting the SSD was sufficient for the computer to work fully.

Therefore, since this story has ended well, this is an occasion to list some simple manipulations in case the computer does not start:

  • Check that the power cord is securely plugged into both the wall outlet and the power supply
  • Remove and replace RAM in the correct slot of the same color
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting cables for motherboard, processor, graphics card, hard drive…
  • Check correct connection of power button in correct pin
  • If your keyboard doesn’t work in BIOS, use a USB 2 wired keyboard

Once these simple steps are inconclusive, you can move on to a more in-depth diagnosis. For example this may involve removing and replacing the processor Which may have been missed a bit.

After everything is done correctly, all you have to do is go to the repairman. This will save you from spending your nerves on your new machine.