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  • Lamar Johnson is a Canadian actor.
  • He got his big break on the teen drama show The Next Step.
  • He is also a dancer.
  • He plays Henry in The Last Of Us.

The last of us is all about Joel and Ellie, but some of the secondary characters are the show’s true MVPs. Bill (Nick Offerman) and Frank (Murray Bartlett) shone sadly in Episode 3, while Kathleen (Melanie Lynsky) had an epic introduction in episode 4. The next character to have his moment in the spotlight is Henry, who is on the run from Kansas City’s revolutionary movement led by Kathleen. Lamar Johnson plays Henry and he will have many scenes with Pedro Pascal And Bella Ramsey in episode 5.

So who is Lamar Johnson? Here’s the scoop on the talented The last of us Star!

Lamar Johnson in The Last Of Us (Picture: HBO)

Lamar plays Henry in The Last Of Us.

Lamar’s casting in the hit HBO series was announced in August 2022. The actor made his debut as Henry at the very end of Episode 4. Henry and his brother Sam (Keivon Montreal Woodard) surprise Joel and Ellie with guns while sleeping in Kansas City. In the video game, Joel and Ellie first encounter Henry in Pittsburgh rather than Kansas City.

Lamar is Canadian.

Lamar was born in Toronto. He attended Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts from year ten and quickly fell in love with the arts.

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Lamar is a dancer.

Lamar started taking dance lessons in high school. He learned ballet, jazz and contemporary dance, he says Civil review blog. Lamar revealed on his blog that the film will be released in 20024 you have been served inspired him to become a dancer.

“I was also inspired by my peers and who I danced by,” Lamar also wrote on his blog. “Sometimes we were in basements and we liked to play music and freestyle. That’s how I started dancing and ended up doing my own choreography.

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Lamar Johnson (Photo: Lisa O’Connor/AFF-USA.com/MEGA)

Lamar shot to fame with The Next Step.

Lamar’s big break from acting came from the Canadian teen drama show The next step. Lamar’s dancing skills helped him get on the show, which is about members of a dance studio training for championships. He played West for over 100 episodes before leaving the show to pursue other opportunities.

Lamar appeared in The Hate U Give.

Lamar played Seven in the 2018 film The hate you give. The critically acclaimed film explored the aftermath after a high school student witnesses a police shooting. Lamar was named one of the rising stars at the Toronto International Film Festival the same year the film was released.

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