One of the best FPS campaigns of the last 10 years is on Steam for €3!

One of the best FPS campaigns of the last 10 years is on Steam for €3!



And also Joey stars in their French version! Released 7 years ago, Nothing for the Old, the cult game combining large robots and seasoned soldiers practicing parkour, sees its price on Steam with a decent -90% discount.

Lashing out since the failure of its second opus, the Titanfall license now lives on only through Apex Legends, which carries over some of its cool gameplay ideas. But much more than a multiplayer mix soldiers and destructive mechanics, Titanfall 2 is also a pure solo FPS, and it Currently being sold on Steam.

Titanfall 2 for €3 on Steam

Developed by Respawn and published by Electronic Arts, the game has never been offered on Valve’s online platform at such a low price. But be careful, you shouldn’t go there for its multiplayer aspect, which is very important and of high quality: the servers are almost dead and if some resisters manage to play a handful of games from time to time, it’s already The end is the world of the day. Luckily, Titanfall 2 has another strong argument to make you follow its lead: its single-player campaign!

short but sharp

Counting 5-6 hours to see the end credits for a single player game of Titanfall 2, but what fun , If the scenario starts off in a fairly classic way, the developers will quickly cobble together decent level design ideas and gameplay gimmicks, all backed by a palatable rhythm. We can tell you about the great platform of this level in a house assembly plant, or even borrow something from Portal to diversify its game stages, but the best thing you can do Experience it for yourself. To be honest, at this price, there are not many questions to ask.