In Italy, Giorgia Meloni’s flawless course after 100 days of power

“The important thing is to keep reality in mind”
, Council President, Georgia Meloni reiterates Remo Casilli/Reuters

Storyline – The election lauds the actions of the far-right head of government.

To speak to Italians, Giorgia Meloni regularly addresses them “Georgia’s Notes», video where, in the playful tone of a conversation with a good friend, she explains her initiative and good feelings, and this is on all topics. On the occasion of his 100 days in office on Sunday, he emphasized that “In the toughest context since the war, Italy is stronger than we believe,

,The interest rate differential with Germany fell from 236 to 175 basis points, the stock market rose 20%, the Bank of Italy announced a strong recovery in the second half of 2023, which would stabilize in 2024 and 2025. Inflation will return to acceptable levels, Its popularity increased dramatically during the Hundred Days: “Knowing that today 46% voters appreciate his government, this is a gain of 20% compared to the 26% that elected him, which is considerable“Says Nando Pagnoncelli, director of Ipsos in Italy …

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Military courses to be offered to Russian college students soon

According to the UK Ministry of Defence, the training may become mandatory by September 2023.

After suffering several military setbacks, the Russian army is looking for new recruits. While there are fears of an assault on the Kremlin as early as next spring, compulsory military training is to be offered to all Russian schoolchildren next September, according to daily updates from the British Ministry of Defense published on Twitter.

Few details were known if the initiative was announced last December by the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Yet according to the British the name of this course was “life safety basics“, must include “Training with AK-series assault rifles and grenades, drills and salutes, and use of personal protective equipment,

This is not the first time that Russian students will have to undergo training in martial arts and weapons. Similar training was mandatory in Russian schools before the collapse of the USSR. He also played overtime until the constitutional crisis of 1993, which resulted in the replacement of the Soviet constitution of 1978, after ten days of bloody conflict.

While Ukrainians are increasing their requests for arms deliveries to Westerners, Russia hopes to train future Russian citizens. A month after the first anniversary of the start of the war in Ukraine, the British Ministry of Defense believes that the initiative “highlights an increasingly militarized environmentfrom the Kremlin. The Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education also announced a program similar to “military training bases” for students.


Rishi Sunak fired party president over tax dispute

A demonstrator holds a placard criticizing Nadim Zahavi, outside 10 Downing Street in London on January 25, 2023. Rishi Sunak, the chairman of the Conservative Party, was sacked on Sunday. Toby Melville/Reuters

In a letter made public, the prime minister cites “serious breaches of the ministerial code” in support of his decision.

Downing Street announced on Sunday that British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has sacked minister without portfolio and Conservative Party chairman Nadim Zahawi over a breach of the cabinet code linked to his tax disputes.

After an independent investigation,It is clear that there has been a serious breach of the Ministerial Codewrote the head of government in a letter published by Downing Street.Accordingly, I inform you of my decision to remove you from your position in Her Majesty’s Government.Rishi Sunak continued.

By sacking Nadim Zahawi instead of asking him to resign, Rishi Sunak wants to assert his authority, which he promised upon his arrival in Downing Street”Integrity, Professionalism and AccountabilityBritain’s prime minister on Monday instructed his independent ethics adviser to investigate whether Zahavi, who sits in the cabinet, violated a multi-million pound settlement paid to settle a dispute with tax authorities. Violated the cabinet code in respect of

neither declared guilty of the tax investigation of which he was the subject, nor updated his declaration of interests

Nadim Zahavi settled his tax debt with a penalty last year during his short-lived stint as finance minister in the government of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Then, with the arrival of Rishi Sunak in Downing Street in late October, he became chairman of the Conservative Party and minister without portfolio in the government.

Ethics consultant Laurie Magnus concluded that Nadim Zahavi should have declared the tax investigation he was the subject of and updated his declaration of interests after his dispute with the tax authorities was resolved. After 13 years in power, the Conservatives have seen their reputation tarnished by conflict-of-interest cases in recent years, fueled by allegations of corruption from the Labor opposition, which is far ahead in the polls.


North Korea denies arms supply to Russia

Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang, North Korea. Photo published by North Korea News Agency on December 31, 2022. On Sunday, a senior member of the North Korean government rejected the US allegations. KCNA/Reuters

A White House Security Council spokesman released footage purportedly showing railcars delivering North Korean weapons to Russia, including rockets meant for Wagner.

North Korea on Sunday denied arms supplies to Moscow after Washington accused it of supplying rockets and missiles to Wagner, the Russian paramilitary group based in Ukraine.

Last week, White House Security Council spokesman John Kirby released US intelligence footage purportedly showing Russian train cars returning from North Korea loaded with military equipment, including rockets for Wagner. Later, the United States named Wagner “criminal organizationand announced the sending of these recordings to the United Nations as part of sanctions against Pyongyang.

“a serious provocation”

On Sunday, a senior North Korean government official condemned “a foolish attempt at justification» Future arms shipments from Washington to Ukraine, which on Thursday promised to deliver 31 Abrams tanks to Kyiv. Quoted by the official KCNA news agency, Kwon Jong Gun, director general of the North Korean American Affairs Department, dismissed it “fabricated rumor“and warned the United States that they would be exposing themselves”.actually undesirable consequencesIf they keep spreading it. ,Trying to tarnish (North Korea’s) image by manufacturing something that doesn’t exist is a serious provocation that cannot be allowed and can only trigger a reaction“, she added.

On Friday, Kim Yo Jong, the influential sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, also criticized the United States’ promises to send arms to Ukraine, accusing them of “cross the red line“. Russia, which is one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, has long argued against tougher international sanctions against North Korea and has also called for them to be eased on humanitarian grounds.

Kim Jong Un said in 2022 that he wants his country to have the world’s most powerful nuclear power, calling it in September “immovable» Nuclear energy status of the North.

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Memphis police dismantle ‘Scorpion’ unit involved in fatal arrest of Tyra Nichols

The youth died in the hospital three days after the beating. The five police officers involved were fired, charged with murder, and imprisoned.

Memphis police on Saturday announced the disbanding of the special unit involved in the beating that led to the death of a young African-American in early January. This video shook America.

On Saturday, police in Memphis, Tennessee (southern United States) said in a statement that “It is in everyone’s best interest to permanently disband the SCORPION unit,Police officers currently assigned to the unit have agreed“, adds the press release. The family of Tyra Nichols welcomed the decision through a statement from their attorneys, noting that “Both appropriate and proportionate to the tragic death of Tyra Nichols” but “civil and just for all citizens of Memphis,

kicks, punches and jabs

Shocking images of the fatal arrest of Tyre Nichols, 29, by five black police officers have sparked horror and bewilderment in the United States, which has yet to lead to the same social explosion of the summer of 2020 that officials feared Was. , Video released by police shows an intolerable thrashing after a routine traffic stop on Jan. 7 in Memphis. Police attacked the young man with fists, feet and batons, fired tear gas and targeted him with Taser electric shock guns. At no point do we see Tyra Nichols retaliate. He tries to escape, gets caught. ,Mother. Mother. Mother!“, he shouts in one of the extracts. Tyr Nichols died three days later in a Memphis hospital.

Rallies ranging from a few dozen to a few hundred people were held Friday night in several cities, including Memphis, New York and Washington. Several dozen protesters gathered in the rain and cold outside Memphis City Hall, a massive concrete block building, on Saturday afternoon. to the voices ofno justice no peaceand with asking signs”justice for tyre nicholsThe protesters then marched through the otherwise quiet streets of Memphis.

Five police officers were fired, charged with murder, and imprisoned. Four of these were later released on bail. The family declared themselves on Friday, saying they were “frightened”.SatisfiedAppreciated the charges leveled against the five police officers and “paceabout the action taken against them.

“Institutional Police Culture”

,It Could have been meIn place of Tyra Nichols, Demarcus Carter, a 36-year-old African American living in Memphis, reacted after seeing the video, who had expected the protest to grow larger. But once a test has been done,If the decision is wrong then the protest will be bigger“, he predicted. Some questions remain unanswered after the arrest footage was released. The video, for example, does not show the beginning of a conversation between Tyra Nichols and the group.

The new death, following an arrest, has reignited the debate over police violence in a country where memories of George Floyd, who was killed by a white police officer in 2020, are fresh, with a sense that the massive demonstrations that followed Did not solve the problem.

Ben Crump, one of the attorneys for the family of Tyree Nichols and who defended the family of George Floyd, made a “institutional police culture,It doesn’t matter if the policeman is black, Hispanic or white (…). unwritten rules that excessive force can be used if a person is from a certain ethnic group“, he said Saturday on the MSNBC channel.