On the eve of the EU-Ukraine summit in Kyiv, Brussels announced new military aid worth 500 million euros

Petr Pavel, the next President of the Czech Republic calls for support for Ukraine

The elected President of the Czech Republic extends his full support to Ukraine. Mr Pavel, a former Czech army chief who led NATO’s military committee from 2015 to 2018, won the presidential election on Saturday and will be sworn in on March 9. In an interview with Agence France-Presse (AFP), Mr Pavel, 61, said the West should supply Ukraine with all types of weapons except nuclear.

“When it comes to conventional weapons, I really see no reason to set limits. Ukraine cannot fight such a tough adversary without armor, drones, artillery and long-range missiles, and probably supersonic aircraft »

Western allies, including the Czech Republic, have provided substantial military aid to Ukraine since the invasion began on February 24, 2022. According to Mr. Powell, more courage is needed because “some countries have somewhat reserved status” On the delivery of modern weapons. “If we want to take a unique position that gives us the best chance for success, we must act in unity on these issues”he says, referring to Poland’s offer to send F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine if the initiative is supported by all of NATO.

Mr. Pavel also supports Ukraine’s candidacy for membership of the European Union and NATO after the end of the war. “If we see NATO and the European Union as an area of ​​stability, cooperation, good relations, then we should allow another major European country to join us”Mr. Powell said. “And it’s not that she only deserves to be involved, but we will also benefit, as will Russia when it is able to restore normal relations with the West again.” , According to him, Ukraine’s membership in NATO is only“a matter of political will” Once the war is over. “In terms of agreement on values, long-term strategic interests, technical differences between NATO and the Ukrainian military, I think Ukraine has already met the conditions. ,

Besides, “When it comes to the protracted conflict and the final phase of this really heated war, Ukraine and its army will be the most experienced, best prepared army in Europe”, added Mr. Powell. According to him, the war should end with the return of Russia, peace talks, reconstruction of Ukraine and investigation of war crimes. “We have to bring Russia into this by not only continuing to support Ukraine, but also by being very tough in the implementation of sanctions against Russia”he explained. “This is the only way to convince Russia that it has acted against the rules and in the civilized world of the 21st centuryI century, even a large country like Russia cannot ignore the standards of the world community. ,

The EU and NATO member Czech Republic of 10.5 million people have so far provided $217 million in military aid to Ukraine, the defense ministry told AFP. , the Defense Ministry told AFP.

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