RUMOR on PlayStation Plus: Games introduced in February 2023 revealed ahead of time, plus a big DLC!

Every month, it’s the same tune as the official reveal of the games playstation plus Through Sony Interactive EntertainmentThe leaker French Bill Bill Kun leads and reveals them in advance. His statements are very reliable, so we know what to expect. he comes from put it back with this sunday three february games, which this time with a dlcFirstBut it’s really nothing surprising.

so we can play skate games on ps5 and ps4 OliOli World of roll7asymmetric multiplayer Evil Dead: The Gameas well as expansion beyond the light of Destiny 2, with the advent ofAssumptionthis is a good way e is And bungee to attract more players, who would still need to buy in the witch queen to hang wagons (not to mention events shadow keeper happened before and the seasonal content is now unavailable, but that’s another story…) Eventually, it will mafia definitive edition Which will be offered on PS4, which can be replaced by another depending on the region of the world.

Now we only have to wait until Wednesday to find out if this all turns out to be true. No more cards to change playstation plus are sold on Amazon,

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Elden Ring: A Huge DLC?

sports news Elden Ring: A Huge DLC?

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After its extravagant coronation at the Game Awards last year, Elden Ring should be back with additional content in the near future. And if the latest rumors are to be believed, it could be XXL in the DLC realm.


  • After 2022, ready to seize 2023?
  • A huge DLC can be expected?

After 2022, ready to seize 2023?

eldon ring The past year certainly made its mark on the video game industry. FromSoftware’s latest game, Deads of Soulsborn, was a huge success and took all the awards, especially at the Game Awards held last December.

A stupendous success, which may continue this year as well with the arrival of additional content.
The studio headed by Hidetaka Miyazaki has already included the Colosseum., These arenas are entirely dedicated to PvP confrontations. And if Inter-Earth is still traveled by countless Shardless, it may well be that the adventure continues into 2023, or even later.

A huge DLC can be expected?

The big rumor circulating about the Elden Ring apparently concerns DLC coming in the near future. And even if we don’t know anything about this expansion just yet, some insiders report that it’s going to be simply huge. However, that is what famous leaker Lance McDonald has to say, whose comments were reported on reddit,

According to the insider, the DLC will be huge, especially with regard to its map. Information to be taken from the immense tweezers before the possible formality. What’s more, Lance McDonald clarified in passing that he did not know if the expansion would include new gameplay, but admitted to knowing of “a large number of additions”. Case to follow.